Thursday, March 15, 2012

~NEW CHICKENS-Card & Tag Set~

Good morning my friends,
Before I share my crafts I had to share this cute little chick and nest
that Gage made for me and the new baby chicks we got! :)
Gage made this at school in art....
and last night we picked up 15 new chicks! :)
You know a few weeks ago we lost several chickens to a coyote,
so weird that this week one was hit on our road too. I really
think it was a coyote or fox after all.
Anyways, aren't they cute?? :)
While I was sick yesterday I decided to play with my nails,
I think I used every color in my box LOL But I love it for Easter. :)
This week has been full of creative time, I was able to create
2 card sets plus this card tag combo set.
This is all Kanban goodness, I love me some Kanban, it never gets old!
I cannot wait for the next batch of goodies!
Tuesday we had a great Bunco girl's night. I love the group we have now
such sweet girls who all get along and are so nice.
Wednesday I woke up sick and so did my poor Justice, so we stayed
home all day in bed, sipping tea and napping.
Today I hope to get back into creating.....

I also wanted to mention that Tally has a new "SMASH" kit
(embellishment kit) I know alot of the Tally girls asked me to create a
kit special for SMASH booking, so I did.
It's also fun for the card maker and scrapbooker.
Check it out, 5.00 shipping for these too.
I think that's it for me today, I am hoping to grab a friend
and go get lunch if anyone is up for it. :)
Happy Thursday everyone!!


Brianna Marshall said...

love the chickedee your son made,what a cute thing to have forever!!

Ziggyeor said...

Wow Gage did an excellent job!
Love the new chicks.
Cute projects, I love your Kanban stuff! I hope you enjoy your lunch today.

Kelly Sas said...

Great post today Pinky! I love Gage's ceramic art piece. Can't wait to watch your chickies grow again this year. I just found a guy from our church who raises chickens so now I will have only FRESH eggs in my house!!! Hubby is picking them up on the way home from work tonight! Glad you are feeling better. I am soooo jealous that you play BUNCO. I so want to get a group going but none of my few friends are interested. :(