Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Crop or not to Crop

I am always torn when doing an online crop.
So many projects do not fit my life or needs but I find myself doing them anyways *just in case* I might win a prize, but I have useless junk hanging around afterwards.
I either need to find something to do with the "junk" or quit making the items I am not interested in. Damn My competitive nature! hahahaha It's all good though.
This paper basket for instance was fun and all to make, but I have NO ONE to give it to. And nothing to do with it. I have no company and no friends nearby to give it to. But it is cute.

I did find a use for this purse card which I started making thinking it was a Candy basket as well LOL I don't quite know why I thought that. But I think its a pretty cute card and I might make more since I am a purse fanatic!

One cool thing did happen yesterday. After all the Crazy forum action a few weeks ago, I left feeling pretty yucky, but chin up and move on....well yesterday another foundation member was booted off and came to me to explain her story. I found out that no one knew what to think when I was booted off, in fact they all wondered. So its pretty cool. Makes me feel better about the whole thing.
I think for all the people who defect or get the Frankie AXE, good things will come. Live and learn I say, live and learn...Oh and for Miss F...Live and TAKE YOUR MEDS! hahaha


Ziggyeor said...

well your basket and card are cute :)

I know how ya feel I'm doing an online crop right now and there's a book they're making. I don't really need to make a book but it's one more challenge so I can get a lot done and be in the drawing LOL. But I'm getting a lot of other stuff I wanted to do done :D

Sorry to hear of your board woes :( Always glad to see you on SAS :D


jinxi said...

Loving the purse and the basket is so bright and cheery.. Maybe your favorite store clerk or someone you may want to spark up a friendship with? Or maybe you could fill it up with cookies and send to work with Andrew. Im so happy you're scrappy!