Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stamping Crazy!

Here are more of the Pink Cat Studio Bird Stamps (Tweet) I am in LOVE with them!. I just finished my myspace cards for my friends and I am pretty happy with them all!
I love using brown ink for stamping now!
I was feeling springy so I broke out pinks and greens....and paired them with aging and browns. I like the non traditional effect it has. The beautiful card was for a gf from Hawaii. You know my heart's true home.
I don't think I will get tired of these stamps anytime soon! Now off to make a CD card. And maybe take it easy tonight. My back is really acting up a lot lately.
My stress level is high too I have this weird feeling people are upset with me.
I just feel it. So I think its time for a break.

1 comment:

jinxi said...

oh gosh, I SOOO love these stamps too and love the things you are doing with them!!! You rock! ps: Love the colors too.