Monday, February 25, 2008

Exploding hearts

I have seen curled paper before but I wanted to frame a picture on my LO so I set myself to make an exploding heart with curled paper.
It took em 3 tries but by the time I was done, I really understood the process and liked it quite a bit! I plan on trying more shapes as I have time.
Now I just free handed the heart and flipped it and started cutting away.
I think in the next 2 days I will make a picture tutorial because I have already had about 4 people ask how to make it.

In this one, I took it a step further and use Tim Holtz Embossing powder...the antique distressing powder and embossed the edges. I like embossing them MUCH better than inking because it covers any lines you might have to draw.
I made this LO with no picture for Holly one of the Lead Fiskateers who just had a beautiful baby boy! She can insert the picture later one. I was really worried about it at first but I think I am comfortable with it now, I have had a couple opinions on it.

Now onto this weekend. I don't' feel like typing it all in but I went shopping for a few new items! NEW JEANS! From Lame Bryant. Lately I have really disliked Lame Bryant because they cut off anyone over a size 28 and they used to do 32. But what can you do? I needed some good jeans. So I went in for the sure fit jeans! Man they rock! Online it said I was a 10 in their size chart but I actually was a 7! AND the tops I got were a size 22/24??? WTF?? I always wear a 26?? I don't know what happened there? I don't know if they changed their sizing or what.

I felt terrible for this woman in there. she was obviously in peril. her husband kept picking out her clothing and she was almost crying. She kept saying...."I LOOK FRUMPY! It's too long! UGH" I just wanted to take her hand and say, its ok......your fine the way you are just breathe, let me help you.

But I did not want to overstep my bounds and make her feel more uncomfortable. She had her children with her. My kids were being holy terrors! I think someone slipped them some crack before we walked in! Holy MOLY!

I was trying to participate in a cyber crop but I failed LOL I only got like 3 things done. You know I have a life on the weekend with my kids and hubby so its so hard to scrap, plus Andrew only had one day off this week, Sunday! I am thrilled he was working. But still. Makes hard to scrap at all.
When he is gone all week everything gets backed up with the kids and I get so tired and when he has only one day off we have to grocery shop and get everything done!
OK well off to the salt mines, the kids are at my knees!

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doverdi said...

Great layouts! I know Holly will love the one that you did for her.