Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Fun Pink Cat Studio Stamp Card Makes me SO happy!
I adore this stamp set and have had so much fun making cards with it.
On myspace I sent out a bulletin to all my friends, letting them know if they would like a card from me then send me their address's and I will make one for them.
I got 8 replies! So I challenged myself to make 8 cards! YA!
One friend is having a baby and she found out it is a girl so I am going to make one for her baby and just thank you notes for being good friends.
For this card I used my generic cheap 4.99 for 18 pack of watercolor pencils. They ROCK because you can use a tiny paintbrush and add a tinge of water and they looks painted! YA for fun toys.
Also for the 3-D affect I stamped 2 stamps, cut out the shopping bags and hot glued (thick layer) over the original stamp. I cut out the entire stamps and Hot glued that to white textured cardstock. So it sets ON the card rather then just a colored image in the card.
Fun, fun! Only took maybe an hour for this card but it was so fun! I watched a movie and made a card! What could be more fun than that? Happy Valentine's Day!


jinxi said...

Cristal, that is soooo cute! You should submit your cards that you make with that set to them... You never know what could happen. I think you do wonderfully! :o)

Blueyecicle said...

Thanks doll(:

Mokihana said...

Wow, that is SO cute!!! I love the way you used the stamp to make a fabulous card!

Melissa said...

What a gorgeous card Cristal! I love the furry neck boa!!

doverdi said...

Great card! I'm lovin the boa!