Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beat Beat Beat it Just Beat it

I am BEAT today just plain beat!

I talked to Denise yesterday and Cherrie for the first time today, That was weird and cool.

I don't know I never talk to anyone on the phone its rare.

Andrew and I laugh if one of us asks who called because our phone only rings when there is an emergency LOL Maybe 1 time every 2 weeks.

But I had fun and it was cool,maybe I shall utilize thins new fangled thing called TELEPHONE!

I bought some small goodies for RAK's on 8up. Some of them came today YAY! I actually got my SS stuff in the mail for I am on top of it.

I talked to my Dr. again in Oregon , she said I need to get a check up. She thinks I have pernicious anemia? (sp?) It means shots every few weeks and something else I don't know, but it might be why I am so exhausted.
I feel really sad and depressed lately. Andrew is not helping much and I find we are fighting most days. Sometimes I get tired of being the only one who is motivated and yearns for something better in our lives.

Oh well, thats life...*sniff* kick myself in the butt and shut the hell up! Just feeling that real isolated lonely feeling again and I need to just get over it and realize I won't ever have someone right here to be my friend and I need to learn to be my own friend. Hey Cristal how ya doing today? Pretty good lame as how about you? :P


jinxi said...

LMAO>.. you crack me up! Glad you got to chit chat with the girls. And also I hope that you find a place to go for a good ol check up!!! Hugs!

Mokihana said...

I wish you weren't so far away; we could get together for coffee or something. I wish I'd known you better when you were closer.

Sorry you're having such a rough day... if you are anemic that might be causing a host of other symptoms, too. It's so icky when we're not getting along with our spouses. (Spice?)

I hope that you will find some good friends where you live, and that they will help nurture you and see you for the wonderful person you are. Being our own friend is a good thing, but doesn't help the loneliness...


Niki said...

Cheer up sweets - I have days like that too. And often!