Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Scrapping style

I never thought I would get so involved in Scrapbooking, I must admit.

I always thought it was something for bored women who never got to play with stickers as a child. But now I realize it is so much more.

It is about showing your children through art and photography....who and what you were. And living in the moment. Yes, it is costly and yes it is time consuming. But what isn't?

A few months ago I was asked my scrappy style...I had no idea. I still don't. I feel like restraining myself to one style is like putting a constraint on my creativity. I can see myself doing beautiful classic layouts as well as modern funky ones.

I had a terrible experience in a forum for Scrapbooking this week and now I realize that my laid back accepting style is definitely not for everyone.

And I have come to really appreciate the first forum I started with. A small knit group of caring women who look past my first RAKS and stickers and waited for me to grow some and I am sure they still look past my Foe-PAWS? (sp?)

But I also realize how uptight some people are and how demanding and competative something that is meant to be your legacy but gets turned into a NAZI driven anger fest.

I know I can't let myself get into that mess and I just need to be laid back and have fun.

I was proud of how I did not let all the words and anger spewed at me, stress me out. In fact it did not bother me at all. 5 years ago I woul dhave been crying in bed and withdrawn and a mess. But this week I just let it go. Realizing that it was not MY problem but others who have issues and its all good they cant hurt me anyways.

This week was particularly fun because I dug deep (y'all know hwo I love self exporation) and made a couple pretty intense LO's.


KarenB said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts - you have progressed so beautifully in just the short time I've known you!!! I am really digging you work!!! WTG!!!

Cat said...

I love the way you've been growing in your style! And it's faux pas. :-)

Niki said...

Hey Pinky! These last two layouts are phenomenal!! I love the pink and brown combo and your journaling! Awesome work girly!

Mokihana said...

You're amazing! Your pages are absolutely wonderful. Don't let the #$%!$# get you down.... you do fantastic stuff!

Cakescraps said...

Love the layouts Pinky! And I know what you mean about the drama from a SB board. Been there too! Don't let it get you down though...keep being YOU!