Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sew Nice of You....Pink Cat Stamps *link added*

My new Favorite Stamp Company is Pink Cat Studios! http://www.pinkcatstudio.com/

The gal there is super sweet and the shipping rocks! Its only like 2.00 for a set of stamps to ship from Canada! And they come right away!
I fell in love with this stamp set....wow! Right up my alley.
So I made the stamp and colored it....I had a hell of a time figuring out how to color it with a nice look to it. Finally water colored pencils did it for me. I tried ink, chalk, chalk pencils, and markers. Nothing looked right.
So water colored pencils (generic) from Micheal's for 4.99 was the way to go for me.
I made the stamp and colored it and added the ribbon, but much to my chagrin....it clashed with MOST of my papers. So it sat for 3 days LOL Then I was thinking one night...and it hit me! DUH!!....I have that funky bright WalMart paper pack!! and sure enough it fit just right to me.
I want to try this again and color the bird with grays and black and put it on a B&W background.
We will see when I have more time.


Cat said...

That is SEW cute and I am SEW lame!

Michelle said...

do you have alink to those stamps?

p.s. love your blog!
~Michelle fisk#915