Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Livingroom Ice Skating

I was going to blog about this when I scrapped it but I probably won't scrap it just yet so I thought I would share.
Last week Justice asked Daddy to put on FOOTBALL! So as a joke Andrew put on ICE SKATING!
Well, the joke backfired because the boys were thrilled! hahaha
They started "skating around the livingroom in their slippers.


Lizard said...

wonderful your layouts! they portray how unique and comfortable your are with yourself! come visit me on my blog sometime as well

Leah said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! Your boys are precious. You're welcome to read or comment anytime!

Cakescraps said...

Cute pics! My daughter has a HUGE boo-boo on her nose b/c of watching ice skating/gymnastics - she decided she'd try to do the same things they were doing and took a nose dive (literally!) into the footrest on the recliner! OUCH! I'm gonna post a pic of her on my blog in the next day or two...check it out!