Thursday, February 7, 2008

Strike and Bud the Gnome

It was so fun to take the two younger boys bowling for the first time, they had such a good time.
Let me tell you they are STRONG!
Gage really had to lug the ball up there but he did it and he did it well. Justice had it a bit easier. You know you would never know those boys are 4 and 5. I swear they are more like 7 yr olds.
I have been doing such heartfelt deep Lo's lately it was fun to get away from all the intricate details and have a fun bright Lo too.
I know I need to find my style but I want to be versatile and not all snobby with my Layouts. I mean they are for fun and for the boys . I am real happy with the way this turned out.
I used my Cropadile for the hole punching and I did the scalloping myself. My hands hurt like a mutha when I was done!!
Oh and if you want to see more bowling with the gnome even here is the website they posted it at.

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