Monday, June 25, 2012

~Welcome Dottie- Interactive Layout W/ Multiple Photos!~

Good morning my crafty friends, 
What a weekend!! One last baseball game for 3 weeks then
I threw hubby a small birthday BBQ dinner with just 
a couple friends last night, and Saturday he went into get a new tattoo for his birthday.
Our first Squash popped it head in the garden, BOTH boys were sick.

I went in on Thursday to get this new tattoo on my thigh,
I have affectionately named her Dottie, I love her! LOL 
Non-stop it seems like! :) 
 Anyways on to crafty goodness. 
A couple weeks ago I created this fun and very interactive layout.
I have OODLES of beach photos and I am tired of scrapbooking them
one by one so I decided to make a mini album on a scrapbook page! :) 
 What better way then to use my Bind-It-All to do this?!
 I used the 1/2 O'Wires and just glued it right onto my layout.
 I always say there are no rules in scrapbooking for me and this just 
shows you, NO RULES! do it how you do it! :) 
I have embellished pages that are 1/2" high so why not use the
Bind-It-All and make my own??
You can find full directions on the Zutter Bind-It-All blog here
I loved adding the twine to the binding, it was a fun project to create. 

Oh heads up to! CLEAR SCRAPS is partnering with Stampendous and
running a week long blog hop, so hop over and check out the prizes!
Let's see I don't think anything else is going on just right now....
It's so hot, I might as well stay inside and scrap today!
Happy Monday my friends~



Ziggyeor said...

I love that LO! Now if anyone asks how to get it in their page protector just tell them to cut a window flap and use a crop-a-dile to blunt the edges so it doesn't spread.

Love the new tat! Dottie is very dear. ;)

Jingle said...

Okay, so seriously, that tattoo is too cute! You have a great tattoo artist! Do you design them yourself or do you leave it all to the artist?

Pinky Hobbs said...

Most of them I designed or took photos in, she helped. It was a collaboration.

Kray said...

What a cute idea! Love it! Hello Dottie!