Monday, June 18, 2012

~No Crafts, Just Photos & Family Fun Today!~

Whew, good morning my friends, what a weekend!!

First of all Happy Father's Day to any real dads out there.
Especially to my hubby, I thought I would share what the boys got
dad for Father's Day...this Pup Seal knife. And he loves it! :) 
We also spent Father's Day at the lake with the boys, then
when we got home I make White Chicken Chili and it was a good day. 
Here are the boys swimming...well 2 of them, the other one just wanted to EAT.

And the first part of our weekend began with THIS!!!!!!!!!! :)
Our sweet Crushers winning 1st PLACE GOLD in baseball!

It was an amazing moment and very fun. Cannot wait for fall ball but
thank heaven's this part is over LOL We still have tournaments for my
16 yr old this week, so it will be busy but 2 down and one to go!

Thought I would share my son's photo LOL
While everyone else was sitting holding the trophy, not my kid!
He was doing some odd stealth ninja move LOL
He was PUMPED! :) He is not the best player on the
team and bless his heart we know it but he has the most heart for sure. 
He skips off and on the field and always tries. 
Gotta love this kid. 

Here is the silly pose with the trophy. LOVES IT!
 And how could I NOT share our coaches first pose? LOL
Last year he gave me a special picture too. I love this guy, he 
is a man all the way and it's not a bad thing. 
So this is why my hands are clean and no crafts have happened
this weekend. I officially took 4 days off which is REALLY rare, ok
let's be honest I only took 2 LOL but it was necessary. 

Just wanted to give a quick reminder about my latest class.
It is ONLY 20.00! Sign ups are this week!
Hurry because the class begins the 28th.

That's it for me today, I promise a project will magically
appear tomorrow!! :) Happy Monday!!!!


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Kelly Sas said...

You got to love a good dose of testosterone on Fathers Day. My hubby got a Gloc for FD and was like a kid tin a candy shop. Love your posts Pinky! So happy for your son and his team.