Tuesday, June 5, 2012

~Express Yourself Layout- Scraptastic Club~

Good morning my friends, 

I have a layout to share today (no it's not digi!) LOL It's 100% paper.
It's a layout about my new tattoo using the Scraptastic Club June 2012
PB&J Kit and the PB&J Add-on I LOVE them! You need to check them out!
Ok so on a side note, when I decided this year was my tattoo year
I thought nothing of it. I just thought I was almost 40 and I had wanted these
tattoos for 20+ years, so I was just going to do it. 
They all mean something special, it's like a little journal of my life.
I never even thought anyone would care if my arm was all tatted up.
In fact I thought no one would care. That's exactly what I thought about my
pink hair!! LOL Silly me...people really are either very pro or very con
and they do say things quite a bit about it. 
Bt it's all good I am old enough to handle it *wink*
But it is funny to look at it from my point of view...one of these days I will
stop being so naive...or maybe I just don't think about it because at the
end of the day I just don't care what anyone thinks except my hubs and I. 

But I LOVED the "Please don't rain on my parade" sticker, really that is
why I scrapbooked this entire layout! LOL Perfect! 
Oh and the photo is my new tattoo, my 3 little tikis, that stand for my 3 boys.
Ok that's it for me today...

Don't forget the Clear Scraps Acrylic Card class....sign ups are now! :) 

Sign Up NOW! :)
Ok off to play ball again today, this is our last week, it's tournament week!!!


Kray said...

Very cute layout.

Ziggyeor said...

Oh you did get them! It looks very cool.