Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~ Authentique-No Love Layout~

Good morning my friends!!

I was in Joanns yesterday and found these stamps on sale, so I
picked up 2 sets, one for my blog friends and one for me.
Just leave a comment and on Friday I will post a winner.
And if you could please spread the love I would appreciate it! :)
This one was just for y'all.

I also have a layout to warned LOL

It's funny when I first began scrapbooking I was very in touch with my
emotions and scrapped so much good and BAD too. I was shocked
at how many people were upset with me about doing that.
Now I see it is much more accepted and common. Which is cool,
but now I hardly do it. SO yesterday while listening to Eminem
and driving into town and back I decided to make a personal layout again.
I was inspired. You know it's funny how in my life people have
tried to drag me down. My parents were so abusive, my ex husband
broke my back, it really has never ended. I finally feel I am
in a good place and healthy and healing from all the abuse and pain.
I am not going to fall now, I have worked too hard to let my demons
and past behavior of allowing abuse in my life to creep back in
and change my strength and love now.
It's funny I guess I always have to be on guard, make sure
I am aware and keep it in check kind of like an addiction.
My ex husband used to tell me how I MADE him hit me
because I provoked him or wore too much perfume, or pretty
much anything he felt annoyed him.
I am always so scared to make someone mad from those experiences.

My mom always told me no one would love me because I was
disgusting. Now I see it's easy to change the way a person thinks by
dragging them down because of insecurities.
Seems she always found something I was doing wrong and to pick
at me for but now I see it was just her own insecurities.
Doesn't mean I have to allow that in my life or accept being
constantly blamed and told I am wrong or offending someone.
Life is not meant to walk on eggshells, but to spread love and happiness,
and that's the example I choose to share with my boys.
At first I thought I might not share this layout but then I realized we
all have demons, whether it be physical abuse, mental abuse, or just
rough patches with family and friends. You have to consciously make the
effort to stay strong and not slide back into that place where
you are the victim, but stay in survivor mode.
It might sound ridiculous to someone who has never been
abused but it is true. I am so blessed with strong amazing
people in my life that really help me stay strong.

And of course...Eminem! LOL

Products Used: Scraptastic Kit Club- March Kit All Authentique papers! :) Love them~



Neha Jain said...

wow...count me in dear :)

Kris said...

Sorry for the pain you have endeared! You are blessed to have found away out,good for you! I love this page. TFS

Dawn said...

I loved seeing your page about how you've come out the other side and are so much stronger for it. Good on you. You show your boys what it is to be in a loving relationship! Thanks so much for sharing, it puts everything into perspective for me!

Pamela said...

Beautiful layout. I have an album full of things people told me I shouldn't scrap but it helps to look back and see all that I have been able to go through. Sometimes we need to see just how strong we are. Great job. TFS.

csparky61 said...

What an inspiration...and what a sweetie for thinking of your fans. I love the circles, great for backgrounds.

craftymom205 said...

Great project. Thanks for the chance to win.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Drayia said...

I LOVE your personal LOs Pinky and that you are so willing to talk about your life, the good the bad and the ugly. People tend to "forget" or look the other way when this abuse is going on. I know as my friends did and waited until I was out of the 12 year relationship before saying anything to me. Kept it up and be that voice please! LOVE ya and sending Hugs

Brooke said...

I'm glad you are strong enough to share this with others. It's a beautiful layout from a tragic place in your life, but it truly does show your strength...don't stop being strong!

-Brooke Bumgardner

Chelle said...

I love that you scrapbook anything and everything, fun and emotional. I think you are strong and amazing woman.

Nicole said...

You scrap whatever your heart desires Pinky!!! As long as it does you good in the end... it sure does me good to see all your amazing creations. Always very inspiring to me! Thank you so much for the chance to win these stamps! I love them!!! :)

Tina said...

cute the colors & sets..thanks for the chance to win...posted to my blog


connie said...

Love how you always scrap from the heart! Cute stamps. Thanks for the chance to win.

Ildi-The craftin mama said...

I am sorry that your earlier life was so painful!! No one should have to endure such pain and abuse from their parents and then to end up with an abusive husband!! I am glad you have finally found happiness and life is GOOD!! You ROCK Pinky!! Thanks for the oppertunity to win and for thinkjing about us!!

brjenka said...

As usual I <3<3<3 everything you do and in this case pick out!!!


Dawn's Craft Place said...

Wanted to pop in and send a hug!
I remember way back when, and sharing in the beginning was hard, oh yea I remember it well.
Glad you continue to check yourself and don't forget but have moved on.
Thanks for always keeping it real

{VICKI} said...

Wonderful layout!
So glad that you scrap this!
It's hard for me to scrap personal stuff sometimes but I think it's important to do it.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Crie Artezzanato said...


Great creation!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Val Rodrigues (I posted this link on my sidebar)

Hugs from Brazil..

ShoppingTamii said...

you inspire me....don't ever hide who you are :)

Dot said...

You are very inspirational! There are alot more people than you may think who have endured the pain of the abuse of being told that they asked for it. You should write a book on coming out the other side and being stronger than before!

TheIrishScrapper said...

Amen to that! So happy ur are at a place where u know ur worth and r strong enough to keep those demons in HELL where they belong! LOL Shannon

famillemarleau said...

Very nice layout. Thanks for the chance, Johanne L.

Kelly Sas said...

Looks like my comment I did from my i-phone yesterday didn't work. :( I have a love/hate relationship with technology! Been gone to Disney World with the grandsons and had a blast. Missed your blog though!

littlen said...

hugs to you. thanks for the chance to win.

Bhawana said...

Thanks for the chance. I love those swirls..

Jennifer Ashley DeGough said...

Super cute layout. I love the black and white colors.

Thanks for being so generous and thinking of us!