Friday, February 17, 2012

~New Hello Kitty Fun + Project!~

Good morning my friends,

I missed yesterday because I have a HOUSE FULL of sick
little men, fevers and all. BUT in the middle of the chaos this arrived! :)
My new Hello Kitty wallet with pretty red stitching and all.
I had to share real quick.
It's a cute denim spring treat.
And even though we don't really do alot for Valentine's Day,
hubs did come home with a sweet sweet card and 2 boxes of candy.
Hey you have to count the blessings on sick weeks LOL

Ok I have this project to share's from my work with
Buttons Galore & More...I woud LOVE for you to comment on their blog.
This would make the perfect wedding gift addition.
There is a full tutorial on the Buttons Galore & More blog,
so you can make your own anniversary/wedding plaque! :)
Now back to my sick boys, and hopefully finishing a class.

You know I have been working on doing online classes, and I have one
almost finished. Stay tuned and I will give out all the details very soon.
Happy Friday my friends, thank you for stopping by♡♡♡♡♡


Drayia said...

Very cute new wallet, and what a great plaque! You could make a couple of these in adavance and then add the info after. Also checked out your LO on Momenta, just love those chick pics!

Ziggyeor said...

Sorry the boys are sick. Love the cute new wallet. Yeah for hubs who has the same taste in cards and my hubs! Not kidding I'm giggling over here because I have his card on the desk and it's the same one. I laughed when I first got it because I swear it's the same card from last year but I can't find it to prove it.
Love the plaque, too.

deannaf said...

love the ribbon flowers and all the metal charms. beautiful card!