Friday, February 3, 2012

~Anniversary Fun~

Good morning my friends, sorry but I have to hijack
today's post and just show my 10th anniversary, TATTOO and all! :)

It began Wedmesday with a delivery of flowers (totally rare too)
Then Thursday he came home early and brought me a huge
box of candy (heart shaped of course)
By the way all of this was unexpected! I knew we were broke but
he had saved money for the last few months apparently.
Then off to dinner...then this happened....
I have wanted a tattoo for 10 years now, and I wanted it to REALLY
mean something. I thought about it long and hard.
You know Hawaii means so much to me, it really changed my life
in SO many ways. And I always wanted to represent that in my tattoo.
Also I am a die hard Hello Kitty girl. I really wanted it to represent
my personality and my life, so what better then LIVE LOVE....
I live my life for this family of mine and never in a million years would I
have thought that real pure love is possible.

This tattoo was my very first and it made me cry, it's such
a special meaning, even if it looks silly.
Oh and by the way, it's huge LOL
Much bigger than I planned but I love it, it was a real gift.
I canot wait ti SCRAP IT! WOOHOO!

Thank YOU for stopping by, I love ya! Happy Friday!



Lucy said...

Congratulations! You have a wonderful husband :)

Ziggyeor said...

How thoughtful of Andrew with the flowers and the chocolate. Love the Tattoo!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Cristal

Happy Anniversary! I been following your youtube and blog for over a year now and I always LOVE reading your post. You are an inspiration and pray you have many more wonderful years with your husband. Have a great weekend.

Jodi said...

It's so good to see another abuse survivor who lives the dream life she has deserved for so long. Awesome tat, you're much braver than I. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Dot said...

Congratulations! The tattoo is cute too!

Pinky said...

Aww thanks everyone and thank YOU Vanessa! MUAH!

Kelly Sas said...

You know I am a huge fan off all things Pinky. So happy for you to get your tattoo - I got mine when I turned 30 and NEVER regretted it. Wait till all the scabs are off - you'll love it even more!!!

bluecrayons said...

happy happy anniversary. this tattoo rawks. i to love HK. i thought of getting her but my first tat is my sons name.