Saturday, February 4, 2012

~Crafting Emergencies! Angry Birds Pinata~

Good morning my crafty friends!

Everyone who knows me knows I craft...and you all know that means
not just cards, layouts and dresses. Every once in a while I get a crafty
emergency call. LOL Thursday I got a crafty emergency call from my friend Kris.
It was a mad dash to get an Angry Bird Pinata for her son's party
but not one to be found in town! My wheels instantly began
spinning..."Can you find a big circle? a red one?"
No she could not but she did find a baseball, it was on like donkey kong then.
I told her to grbb some paint, and cardstock and come over Friday morning.
She showed up and we painted the pinata red, and hung it from the tree to
dry. I printed up a couple images of Angry Birds and started cutting.
After all was said and done this is what we came up with! TOO FUN!
You know I went online and still did not see one pinata (3D) for Angry Birds.
I swear to you Kris and I almost did a jig after we were done LOL
It was so exciting and the boys are going to die over it.
A little ingenuity and cardstock goes a long ways!! FUN TIMES!
I should mention Kris brought me the nicest candle and card,
which was completely unnecessary but much appreciated.

So what are your crafting emergencies? Come on I know you all get those calls LOL
Happy Saturday~



Kelly Sas said...

Great team work! I had to laugh because I got one of those calls last week! It wasn't as elaborate, but it still was fun. My SIL and the MIL of my niece were in a panic because they just couldn't do Baby Shower invites. Both are not stampers and couldn't come up with a design. So, off I went , brought my supplies, and after 5 hours we had 90 plus invites done. Have a wonderful weekend Pinky!

Ziggyeor said...

That is awesome. Great job on the crafty emergency!

Dot said...

Love it! How clever!

ShoppingTamii said...

That turned out amazing!!!!!

Angi Barrs said...

I love Angry Birds. This is fantastic! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi, Pinky

I love the angry bird pinata! I have made different ones before too. Its a lot of fun and I might have to try this one out.