Friday, February 24, 2012

~Surprise From Friends & Welcome Spring Acrylic Card~

Good morning my crafty friends!

You know yesterday was crazy at 70 degrees, it made me want to
start spring early and plant a garden but unfortunately it is supposed
to freeze tonight. LOL I thought I would share my latest Send It Clear
acrylic card with y'all today.
I embossed the acrylic then coated with purple alcohol ink,
then I added some purple's rare for me to use purple
BUT I like it! :)
I added the pink tulle bow for fun.
I sure do love these Send It Clear Cards from Clear Scraps!
I spent yesterday with the boys at the Dr. office, and found out that
my son has Fifth Disease which is a common virus in children.
Some sort of Human Parvo...JOY! LOL It was a crazy day,
my poor little men, sick and surgery all in 2 weeks.
I will be so happy to see spring, then roll into summer.

Oh I wanted to share real quick what a sweet friend did for me.
My girlfriend knew I was having a heck of a day, she texted and
said "Can I come by real quick?" She came by with a fresh pan
of home made cinnamon rolls she had just made!

I tell you what, I about broke down and cried. I really needed it
yesterday and it was so sweet. Then I had the sweetest call from
Lindy, just making sure my boy was all right, simply checking in on me.

After that we went to Bible study and had a wonderful evening.
Some days are not easy but it's those people who lift you up
that really make life worth living.
I am very blessed and VERY appreciative to some amazing friends!
Looking forward to some casual social time with the family and friends
tonight too! :) I hope you have or do something small today
that makes a BIG difference in someone's life!♡♡♡♡
Love YOU and thank you for stopping by. :)


Jenny's Heart said...

I am so glad y'all have a circle of friends in TN. I know you love it! Those rolls look yummy. One of my sisters had fifths disease and came through it just fine.
I love the card, cute, cute, cute as always ")
Tell Andrew and the boys Hi for me.
Love ya

Ziggyeor said...

Sorry to hear about the boys. I hope they feel better soon.
I love your kite card, very cute.
Have fun tonight :)

Drayia said...

Love the card Pinky, Purple is my all time favourite colour. Hope the boys start feeling better soon. It seems like more colds, flus and general sickness is going around this season, I blame it on the weather! Here is hopeing for a wet spring as in Alberta we need some moisture for the crops! Its been way to dry with next to nothing for snow.

melody said... great to have friends like that ~ that's awesome!
love your clear acrylic card ~ such scrumptious colors, too! i have yet to try making one! thanks for the inspiration!

melody said...

ps wishing your boys all get well soon! hugs