Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~Witchy Wednesday Babay *Video & Rak*~

Morning to all, I am a day early in my reveal with these,
but I simply could not wait a second longer!
I wanted to show that you could make these
in fall colors and patterned paper,
and they would make a fun decoration too!
I think the word FALL would be fun as well
and even stringing them on some tulle as a banner!
I used the OCTOBER KIT from Treasured on these,
and Leslie is the best at coordinating the papers to
make any project fun. I have like 7 sheets of paper left
and so far I have made 2 cards,
3 Layouts,
and these 3 witch hats! I am sure I will get at least
3 more Layouts and 4 more cards.

So, am I a dork or what? I think I am obsessed with witch hats LOL
Off to my wet and witchy Wednesday.

Ohhh OHHH wait one second!
I have one more announcement!
PURPLE COWS contacted me yesterday...
guess what?
They are gearing up to host a HUGE contest!!!!!!
I hear the Prize will be HUGE!
and they are being so secretive that I am getting a packet in the mail about it!
I promise to share as soon as I know!
And to celebrate their BIG CONTEST,

I made this quick video...
you can tell I am tired because my mind was very jumbled this morning LOL

and am sharing this RAK
If you watch the video you will know why I am giving away some rub-ons
And it all ties into Purple Cows!
So if you are not a follower become one, and leave a comment.
If you are a follower, bless you I love ya! Leave me a comment.
You keep me making these silly videos and having fun with crafting!
When I began crafting I was with a group of ladies who never shared
how to or anything, they were so mean!
As a result, I LOVE to share projects and ideas! I mean why not
be crafty, creative AND help others to enjoy the same art?

OK off to make a sympathy card and finish a Purple Cows Dt Project!
Have a great day fellow crafters!
~Thank YOU for popping by~


stampkjs said...

Hi Pinky. Thanks for the great idea for laminating rub-ons. I definatly will do this. I can't imagine why women wouldn't want to share their tips to use products in different ways or to save money?!? That is what we Fiskateers are all about! You are the greatest this way.

stampkjs said...

Oops forgot to tell you I am #6558 AND thanks for the great RAK opportunity!

Vijaya Siddharth said...

Wow!! Thanks for the RAK! I love the tree stamp:)

Rosalee said...

Hey there Pinky. Thanks so much for the wonderful tips. You are a genious and that laminating is such a fantastic way to keep the rub on's on paper just incase they descide to rub off. LOL. Thanks for the chance.

Colleen said...

Pinky I love the witches hats. They are so cute, and you are right they would be neat spelling out fall also. I can't watch the video as the school blocks videos.

Colleen 2970

marla said...

Pinky another great video and fun way to use a tool. Thanks for the RAK chance as I am a follower. I dont have a laminator but think you do cool things with yours.

Saren said...

Hi Pinky,

I just became a follower and I love your videos! The witch hats and laminating tip are great. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the chance at the rak.
Saren #6632

Nikki said...

wow, now i REALLY want a laminator!!! so cool! thanx for sharing all the projects and such! u rock!

Shannon Marie said...

very cool video and the RAK prizes look awesome!

Holly said...

I agree, I need a laminator!! What a cool idea! I am already a follower. Thanks for the chance. Holly #6089

Shannon Marie said...

oops! i forgot to say I love those witch hats too!

Jenny said...

Love Love Love the Boo Hats.. Oh and the rub-ons idea. :) You are fantastic.. I was SHOCKED when I looked and I wasn't already a follower. Me=Epic Fail.

Thanks for the RAK Opp.

Fiskateer #6361

Lesa said...

Your little hats are so cool! I love the banner idea, too. Great video--don't have a laminator yet but I think it needs to go on my wish list.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was so surprised to see all these comments at 10:26 in the morning! (pacific) I absolutely LOVE the witch hats that your making! I don't have a circle cutting system yet. (I know, little deprived child right? =) Keep up the cute demos! I am digging them! =) =) =)

Kim said...

WOW! You blew me away with the laminator idea! Would never have thought of that, but have only used rub ons a few times, don't have many. I am a follower and check your post daily, you are such an inspiration. Hope you are having a GREAT Day scrappin' away!

starskyfamily said...

Thanks Pinky...that is a great idea. I've never been a big fan of rub-ons, but maybe adapting them this way will change my mind.

Kellystar #6446

Pinky said...

Kelly, I never have been a huge fan either but I find putting them on paper or like this, then altering them makes me use them more!

Lauren, several companies make inexpensive circle cutters now!

Crystal said...

i always love your tutorials and can't wait to hear what the big reveal is! love, love, love me some rub ons too! hugs!

Gabi said...

Your RAK is super sweet! Leaving a comment :D I will be intently reading to find out more about this purple cow giveaway, yum!
-Gabi from Savannah, TX

Scrappy Rat said...

Can you imagine all the diabolical things one could do with a laminating machine?!

Thanks for doing the rubons RAK. :) I'm...

Veronica Fiskateer #1135

connie said...

Thanks for the tip! I don't understand why people don't share their tips, techniques and ideas.

Sherry said...

you are a genius! I am so trying this!! Thank you for sharing!

Lisa's Scrap Site said...


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Thanks for the great idea for laminating rub-ons. The witch hats and laminating tip are great.

Maxine Hodges said...

sometimes caving is worth the gain. Love the new name and really love the witches hats. Another great video and laminating is a great idea. Have to dig it out of the closet! Happy Crafting!

MaryNSC said...

I love yawl your videos..
I loves Purple cow I got there big cutter I LOVE IT
Loves you tooo I Love your BEE outift
MaryNSC #1121

bradsmom06 said...

WOW!!! Thanks for sharing!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Aeify said...

Fab RAK and cool demo!!

Jingle said...

Those witch hats are SO super cute! You crack me up! I always enjoy stopping by! And..of COURSE I follow your blog!

A Sarasota said...

These vids are helpful, thanks!

Hollyk said...

Love the witches hat they are so cute. Love the Blog candy also.
Holly #5486

Kristin said...

Awesome Tutorial as always Pinky! I hadn't thought of using the rub-ons like that!!

Craftypagan said...

Those witches hats are totally fabulous!!!So glad I found your blog!