Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~Happy goody from Purple Cows & Video!!~

Check out my newest goody from Purple Cows!!
At first I was not sure I would use it, but now...
Oh yea I love it!
Just like the laminator, I have found great uses for this bad boy!
I am so lucky that Purple Cows sends me these fun products to try out and create with!
I just wanted to share my excitement with you because if ANYONE would understand
the joy of a new tool, it is other crafters! :)

Don't forget about the HUGE CONTEST with 9000.00 in prizes
please tell them Pinky sent ya!

OK back to finishing the costumes for the boys on this Rainy day!
~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a great Hum Day~


iluvmybugs said...

Thanks for the great video Pinky! Do they sell the Free Style Mouse by itself...I recently bought the set of 12 blades.


Kim said...
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Pinky said...

Yes they do!!!!

Liz said...

Lol i seen this yesterday put it in my cart and took it out cause i says no i don't know how to use it so next order yay baby it's in my cart..Thanks for the video very very cool.

Kray said...

I am going to have to check these out

Vijaya Siddharth said...

omg..simply awesome!

lavendarrose29 said...

I have never seen purple cow products before your blog...I like that freestyle mouse... now I'm going to have to go find them

Rbarakat said...

Girl this is a cool cutter! I went over there and told them you sent me and alll that jazz! Good luck I hope you win!