Saturday, October 17, 2009

~Fun Saturday & Rak Winner too...Celebrate with me!!!~

I wa sso busy Friday I never got a chance to blog...
We went to a HOCKEY GAME in Nashville!
And yes, I even made it onto the Jumbo-Tron much to my dismay.
I was not thrilled LOL
We had seats in the stadium behind the goalie and also access to the company
box seats so we went back and forth and the boys had a ball!
Hubby's company made sure we were treated very well, including
all food and beverages. It was the easiest night ever with 3 active boys!

Gage above in the all inclusive restaraunt:
In the Box with all 3 boys
Pictures from the top of the hockey players:
OK, ok, enough of my personal life! LOL
Has anyone noticed....?
That I am ALMOST at 200 Blog followers!!!
I am SO EXCITED! I hope to hit 250 by the end of November...
so I will be going out and purchasing an ENTIRE SCRAPBOOK KIT
to giveaway in celebration of 200 followers!
Thanks so much to everyone who stops by...
And not 1 but TWO lucky winners will be coming very soon....

ohhh and the RAK winner from last week??

Blogger Shannon Marie said...

very cool video and the RAK prizes look awesome!

Shannon please email me your address and I will get this RAK and
the last RAK out this week!
Thanks for popping by!
~Have a beautiful Saturday!~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Anonymous said...

Congrats Pinky! I can see why you have so many followers! =)

Shannon Marie said...

thanks so much! I PMed you thru the fiskateers website!! :)

Tona said...

Looks like another fun family time!
& congrats to your hubby for becoming a Fiskateer :)