Thursday, October 29, 2009

~Almost that time...Halloween is near! & a small RAK~

Every day is one day closer to Halloween!
I am so excited to take the kids out trick or treating this year,
we always make Halloween just a day for all of us to spend together
as a family, dressing up, laughing, cooking and having fun.
This year should be fun because we are going trick or treating
with some friends, our last Halloween in this neighborhood.
I baked some cupcakes last night,
and these days I barely have time to frost them before they are long gone!
These are the lucky survivors LOL

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of
having sons and baking, and cooking for them.
Some days I look at my life and just think to myself
"I am one blessed momma."

So you know those Rain Dots they don't make anymore?
Well guess what I came across yesterday while packing?
Yea, that's right some RAIN DOTS!~
I also came acropss some other goodies I will be sharing...
today is a small (easy to mail) RAK.
Just leave ma a comment and say something!
I will randomly draw a winner on Saturday!

Many blessings to you today.
~Thank you for popping by~
~Have a beautiful day~


Karin Hall said...

What cute rain dot ghosts !

Tona said...

Your cupcakes look yummy. I think your boys are as lucky to have you as you are to have them.

connie said...

you are blessed to have 3 wonderful boys and they are blessed to have a momma who loves them so much and LOVES cooking, baking, sewing and spending time with them! Your cupcakes look so good. Have a great Halloween.

Kim said...

OH, I want a CUPCAKE! They LOOK YUMMY!! Love your Rain Dots, too cute! Sounds like you will have a BLAST on Saturday! Happy Halloween!

lavendarrose29 said...
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lavendarrose29 said...

Sorry about that I cannot spell well today so lets try this again...those ghost rain dots are super cute

daizie said...

those cuppycakes look super yummo Pinky!! can ya send those my way? LOL!!! cany wait to see the puppy costumes all finished!

fivejensenboyz said...

You my friend are so talented....I crack up on facebook and wish I had your energy! Your are an inspiration in so many ways!! Love ya

Suzy said...

Just dropping by to say hi! I used the letters you sent me from a previous RAK on this layout
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"Something" teehee! Love those! Would love to own them! Hope your day is going great!

Mary said...

Those cupcakes look really yummy.

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Love to follow your blog. Your so cute! -Melissa

sandyh50 said...

Those are the cutest! Just great for a Halloween layout. You are such a good mom. Your cupcakes look yummy!

Jocelyn said...

Did you save me one of those yummy cupcakes!!!!! Your boys are so lucky to have you!!!!! :-)

Lesa said...

Great looking cupcakes and rain dots! Have fun trick or treating!

stampkjs said...

Sounds like you are having a great day "feeling blessed", making cupcakes and enjoying being a mom. Have a wonderful time trick-or-treating with your family this last time in your soon to be old neighborhood!


Michelle Ramsay said...

Those cupcakes look really yummy. I also baked cupcakes for everyone at work. Here in South Africa Halloween is not so big as it is in the USA, but some of us still like to celebrate. Enjoy your boys and the things you can do for them while they still want you to. Have a great Halloween.

Bram_fam said...

WHat cute rain dots. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you! Love cupcakes and yours look so yummy :).

Lisa's Scrap Site said...


Heather P. said...

ok so now I am really hungry for cupcakes!!!!

April Hall said...

Cute raindots! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Michelle said...

Love the cupcakes! They look so yummy!

Jennifer said...

LOVE your blog and I am in total agreement about being blessed being a mom! I have only one boy, I can't imagine keeping up with three! Have a great halloween!!!