Saturday, October 31, 2009

~Happy Halloween RAK Winner & another small RAK~

Happy Halloween my friends!
It's-a-gonna be a busy day in this house!
Not only for Halloween but still packing up.
They pushed our closing back 10 days so next week is the magic number,
I am soooo ready to move and be done with all of this.

Next weekend (Saturday) I am travelling to Kentucky for a private
demo for Scrapbook Village at one of their scrap retreats, I am so excited!

I thought today I could share a couple quick pictures of the boys costumes
this year....I know I know, not the usual elaborate style Pinky makes.
But the boys were amazing this year.
They knew we were moving, and I had my hands full, so they told me...
"Mom, we all figured it out, it won't be hard to make either all of use want to be puppies!"
So puppies it is!
Worked GREAT for the school book parade too,
I mean we have like 600 books on dogs and puppies LOL
Plus my 6 yr old loves red and wanted to be a RED dog...
Heeelllloo!! Clifford! LOL *Shhh* don't tell him I said that,
he keeps saying "I am NOT CLIFFORD! I am a red dog!"

I am a little surprised the 14 yr old wants to dress up
but hey, your only a child once so I am tickled pink he is dressing up.

Also another fun venture for me...
You know how I always make those crazy quirky videos?
Well, guess what? Purple Cows picked them up and put them on their blog!
Check it out!!
Also I have a card featured today
Another secret I cannot share until next month...
another scrap venture...involving me LOL

If your interested there is a sale at Treasured since it just changed hands
they are calling it a chachachange sale.

And one last thing!!!!!!!
I have been HUNTING and waiting to find a GOOD advent calendar
since last year, one that I can really alter and use for years to come!
Guess what? My awesome friend Dolores found me one!
I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is on it's way this week in the mail!
I cannot wait to use it this year for Christmas!

OK the Rain Dots winner....
The number that came up was 11!!

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Love to follow your blog. Your so cute! -Melissa

I also have a new small RAK today....I think they run like 4.00 so nothing HUGE
But still fun!
Just leave a comment, be a follower you know the drill :)
I will randomly choose winner on Monday! WOOHOO!

Well that's all for me today everyone! Thanks for
bearing with me on this long post!
Have a great Halloween, no matter how you celebrate today!
~Thanks for popping by~


Jill said...

OMGosh! The costumes are fantastic! I cant sew... so it was a store bought vampire for my daughter! LOL

jacque4u2c said...

What part of KY??? You know I live in this bluegrass state!!! :)

Pinky said...


Tona said...

The boys look so cute!I think it's great that your 14 year doesn't think he's too old for some old fashioned fun.

Vijaya Siddharth said...

the boys look o cute!!thanks for the chance!

Lesa said...

The boys' costumes turned out great! They are the cutest puppies I've ever seen. I hope your 14 year old wants to dress up every Halloween!

daizie said...

the costumes look great Pinky!!! love them!!! I cant wait to hear what your new scrappy venture is!!!!

Ann said...

Those costumes are so adorable and practical.

Kray said...

Your puppies are so cute! You did a great job on them.....

stampkjs said...

Pinky you are amazing! You are the best mom ever. You just let your boys be who they are. I is so great that your 14 year old wanted to dress up and be a dog with his brothers. Such a neat family you all are!

A Sarasota said...

So cool th e 14yo still joined in the fun! Great costumes!

lavendarrose29 said...

your boys are too cute for words

Dolores said...

you're welcome, I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

Dayna said...

Adorable costumes!! Thanks for the chance to win.