Saturday, October 10, 2009

~Saturday & Halloween quickly approaches!~ *RAK ALERT*

Halloween is on it's way and this year is different for us in the Hobbs house.
We are moving this year, I am not sure if I will be able to make all of our costumes
in the middle of packing and moving!
Feeling nostalgic and reflective, I decided to make a no photo
layout about out traditions for Halloween and why
they are so important to me and out family too.

Basically I have either NO memories for Halloween or really
BAD memories of Halloween growing up.
We only celebrated one Halloween where we dressed up after we
left the compound/cult and it was odd and weird.
And the other Halloweens we spend in hiding from "the devil"
I never wanted that for my children, I wanted them to think of Halloween as
FUN Family time! So we spend every Halloween as a family just like
Thanksgiving or any other Holiday.
I hope my boys grow up thinking..."Man we had great holidays! It was so much fun!"

OK enough of my speel today LOL
How about a RAK!
See these FUN Pink Paislee alphas??

I just happen to have an extra package!!!!
(They are the wood grain tan alphas on the page)
So if your not a follower become one!
Leave me a comment letting me know you want to win,
and your favorite Halloween tradition...
I will randomly draw a winner on Monday!

~Thanks for popping by and listening to me ramble~
~Have a great weekend!~


jacque4u2c said...

Awesome layout! Very clever design. I love alphas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pinky!

Wow! Great rak! The funnest Halloween tradition we have... Well, all of us go trick or treating. yes ALL of us being kids and adults alike. One of our friend's daughter dressed up as a bush last year! (It actually worked out and was funny!)

Pinky said...

That is EXACTLY what we do Lauren!
We all go trick or treating every year together even our 14 yr old dresses up! The kids LOVE seeing mom and dad in costume, my hubby is such a great sport!

Colleen said...

Love the layout and the papers you used. no funny halloween memories. We trick or treated but never made much of a big deal about the holiday.

Crystal said...

i have soooo many fav halloween traditions...from dressing up and trick or treating (yes, i am still known to do that at my age!) to always watching old scary movies. i love that photo-less layout too, pinky! just gorgeous and i love how you detailed the traditions to look back on later! hugs!

Suzy said...

My fav halloween tradition is definitely pumpkin carving!

Michelle said...

We are like you guys! We have so much fun during Halloween! We buy very elaborate costumes and go out trick or treating. My hubby actually has a costume that has a 6 foot set of wings that go to it. We have won contests and have even had people come up to us and ask for our pictures! LOVE THIS HOLIDAY!!

Kim said...

LOVE the layout, TOTALLY AWESOME even with no pics! My favorite Halloween tradition is taking my 2 granddaughters Trick or Treating. It is SOOOO MUCH FUN! The 9 year old is afraid of her own shadow and the 4 year old is TOTALLY fearless of anything, so it always makes for quite an interesting evening! Thanks for giving things away!

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Love the layout! We don't have many traditions right now. My kids are all grown and most are out of the house, living far away. We used to go trick or treating. Then come home for cocoa and spread out the goody bags to sort and figure out how we were going to ration the goods for a bit. Now, I end up working alot on Halloween night so others with kids can have the night off

Lesa said...

Love your LO--no pictures required because it is fantastic!
We don't have kiddos so we don't have any real traditions to speak of.
If DH & I are both home, we make a crockpot of chili, hand out candy until 8 or so. Then we crack open a bottle of wine or a few beers and eat and watch scary movies.
If I'm home alone, I do the candy thing, sneak a Lean Cuisine in somewhere while reading a scary novel!
FYI, my 3 cats are afraid of the doorbell so they are all under the bed that night, LOL!
Boo to you!

Nikki said...

oh i LOVE the page! my fave halloween tradition is carving pumpkins, its the only think that i have as a constant for my kids, all other plans are pretty much decide by other family members

Jocelyn said...

Love the LO and I adore that you did it without pics!!! It worked perfectly!!! This is what life is all about...making memories with the ones we that they will always hold these memories close to their heart!!! :-)

Jodi said...

I would love to win your extra pkg of alphas! My favorite Halloween tradition is that we have some really close friends that we would get our kids together and take t-o-t. It was usually for about 2 hours and then we would go to one of our houses and order pizza. While we waited for the pizza to get there the kids would dump their loot out onto the carpet and the trading would begin. (or candy snitching if you were a parent lol!)

Jingle said...

Your layout is really cute! Very fun! We don't have much in the way of Halloween traditions - actually - we just sort of wing it and make sure it's fun every year! LOL! Those stickers are great! I would love to win those!

ShayLee Greenspan said...

Our tradition is to go to the pumpkin farm each year as a family, and decorate the pumpkins how the kids want. Either painting or cutting ect. This year we are going to try a new one a bit closer to our house, we are excited! Myself as a kid we had so many things that stand out for me for Halloween, its my fave times of yearI would very much like to win the alphas and you page is simply amazing with a great Halloween feel.

connie said...

Every year the kids/grandkids get together and I cook. We all go trick or treating then come home and eat together. I love spending this time watching my kids with their kids and bringing back memories of when my kids were that age.

Gail said...

Thanks for the chance!
I always made my kids Halloween costumes.
My daughter was always really 'tiny'!
We still laugh about when she was 18 and dressed up, and BORROWED my car to go trick or treating!
She's 25 now!