Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~Hump Day again...scrapping under pressure, can you do it?~

Oh I do love when hubby asks me to make cards on a deadline and
suddenly all creativity FREEZES up and I get stumped for 2 days! LOL
He needed these cards Monday, I just finished them 10 minutes ago...
and I am not real fond of them to boot LOL

Do you ever find yourself LOCKING UP when you are in a time crunch
or pressured?? I know I do!

I already have almost 90 comments on Purple Cows, between the BLOG and the Facebook
Fan Page...SO I want to THANK YOU ALL for spreading the word!
PLEASE continue, for every person who let's me know they are commenting
and spreading the word, you will be entered into a drawing for one of the 3 prizes,
a Michaels GIFT CARD, and I will be adding prizes in the next 3 weeks!
I need as many comments as possible.

Just these 2 things...
FOLLOW the Blog or become a fan on facebook
(in facebook search type in Purple Cows and look for the purple cows logo)
letting them know PINKY SENT YOU!
Then come here and let me know you did just that!

OK I promise this will not be a daily post LOL
Just trying to get everyone I know on board!
I am sure anyone could use the 2000.00 right now!
And have you seen the 5000.00
and 1000.00 prizes they are giving to YOU???

~Have a great day~


Maureen said...

I became a a fan and possted a comment. Love your work.

Georgina said...

oh I LOVE these Thank You cards!!!they came out great!!! =) I'm totally rootin' for the $2,000!! I hope you win!!! you totally deserve it!! =)

daizie said...

yes! that totally happens to me too pinky!!! grrr!!! drives me bonkers!!! i still need to get my bootay over to purple cow & post 4 u -- will do that this afternoon

daizie said...

oh!!! btw, i ♥ ur cards!!! they are great!!!

Colleen said...

became a fan of purple cows on facebook. Good luck on winning that 2000.

Lesa said...

Great cards, Pinky! I must confess that I go into brain freeze mode quite often, LOL! I take a peek at your blog to get my mojo back.
FYI, I am following the PC blog and have become a FB fan and told them you sent me on both. I posted a message on the Alabama Scrappers and Scrabookers Challenge Yahoo groups. I posted a message on FB and will give a shout out on my blog this afternoon/evening! I so want you to get that $2000! Best wishes!

Stephanie said...

ok, I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday here, but here it is now. I commented on their blog and FB yesterday. I hope you win, I know that would come in handy with your move.

Tona said...

I think the cards are wonderful!

Kray said...

The cards are so cute...but then all your work is great!

I am a follower on the blog and a fan on Facebook letting them know you sent me.

Good luck!! I hope you win the $2000!

Kim said...

I am SOOO trying to win! I PIMPED you out on my facebook page and also posted on Scrapshare about the Purple Cow Giveaway here:
GOOD LUCK! You deserve the $2000.00

scrappin_mom3 said...

Okie dokies...following the blog and just finally found the facebook page andleft a comment there! Good luck girl and I hope you win that $2,000!!


Rox-Ann said...

Super Cristal looks like a few posted on my facebook that they put a comment for you hope you win girl luv ya!

MelKilMD said...

You should have OVER 90 by now... or at least one closer since I just commented.

Vijaya Siddharth said...

very cute cards! I left a comment on their blog,became a follower ..also became a fan on facebook and left a comment!

I hope you win:)