Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~To stickle or not to stickle that is the question?~

Bwhahaha! I have felt sort of evil this week! I finally joined the ranks of being a stickle whore! I did not even have one bottle but I ordered several! And let me tell you I am now

Here in the Winter LO you see STICKLED and Non Stickled!! Quite the difference!

PLus I made myself a FANCY SCHMANCY new banner! I have to say these 6X12's might be quite addicting!! I liked it! I might have to make an album!

And this is a Layout I did for a couple things....anyways, I like it and it turned out perty I think!
I like the vintage looking details and I love the pictures!
You know these were BEFORE digital cameras and one shot deals LOL
I lucked out on those pictures I don't know what i would do now without 60 of the same shot to edit! just kidding....sort of.

So overall a productive scrappy week and I am not even done yet!
OHHHH this Lo was from a sketch on Creative Scrappers...Link to the side---->
A real friendly down to earth bunch.

OH and on a Side Note The Just Scrappin' Mascots Thelma and Louise are FAMOUS! LOL Check out this blog!

and they have been requested at other events!


southernbellescrapper said...

Love the stickle action gf! Isn't it too fun??? I love stickles!! And fantastic job on the black/white/red lo! Your work never ceases to inspire me! Just fabulous! XOXOXO

Ziggyeor said...

whoo hoo stickle addicts unite!

Ok how many colors do you have so I don't have to bring all mine over LOL

dang one bottle of yellow in my purse that day and now you've gone nuts ROFL

Jingle said...

Well, I'm shocked! Shocked that you are JUST now getting Stickled! LOL! You were made for them!...Oh...wait...maybe they were made for you...I don't know..I confuse easily! LOL! I love your "Love" layout! Those are my favorite colors and those photos are wonderful! Great job!

michelle said...

I just might have to get some stickle action at my house love what you did with yours!

Anonymous said...

i love the fancy smancy new it!

just lisa said...

Love your new blog header - so you!! Always have loved your title!!

Thanks for doing my challenge too - that picture is the best - too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Always stickle !! LOL .... These are some of my faves so far, you rock !!

Hey girl, you should sign up for BAD GIRLS TOP DESIGNER contest, there is a 650.00 prize pack, they do it every year and hundreds enter, i know i wont win, but its fun !! Its like 10 rounds or something like that , maybe more , but go on the board and check it out, i think you would enjoy it , .


Anonymous said...

Im been a stickles girl for some time now so welcome to our world!!!! You can stickle anything - I mean anything - brads, buttons, eyelets, rub ons, felt..... you get the picture. Have Fun with them !!!!!!!!!

Little Miss said...

love those stickles! those pictures on the bottom lo are wonderful.

Lisa said...

Cute, cute layouts and yes you MUST stickle! I love the new banner!

CherrieScraps said...

Love the stickles - they are so fun!! And Thelma and Louise are getting big heads - Thelma insists on wearing her Hollywood Hot Pink Sunglasses everywhere now - LOL!!

Holly said...

Great job. You always do such wonderful layouts. I love to stop by your page and see what's new and exciting here.

Jackie said...

Love the new Header!!!! Welcome to the world of Stickles, you know there is no going back now {insert evil laugh}

jonaks said...

better with the stickle. totally loved your new banner. I guess have to join the fad.

Cee said...

OMG...... you broke your cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit, it is a huge differnce.... loving it girl....

twinklescrapbooks said...

Stickle for sure!Wonderful layouts.
I am having a small scrappy giveaway on my blog
if you wanna check it out.
Tina :)

Chris said...

I love lvoe love stickles!!!!!!!!! and I love those layouts!

Greta Adams said...

girl i am cracking the hell up!!! that is funny funny funny....his head and hands are warm that is FO SHO!!! LMAO!!

i love stickles too....i think it is pretty safe to safe i love everything