Thursday, September 11, 2008

~It's 9-11 & Halloween season approaches!~

I want to take one serious moment and remember 9-11 is today, I hope you are flying your flag.
I will be saying a prayer for all those lost and all the heroes who are struggling now with lung disease and who passed on in 9-11.

MY heart goes out to their families and friends and I still cry thinking about that horrible day.

God Bless America and God Bless us all.

I LOVE LOVE this time of year! I break out the Halloween fabric and chain myself to my sewing machine. Not only is it one of my most productive times but it also is one of my highest selling times because plus sized girls like to wear tops and dresses but not have to wear a FULL ON costume!
Now onto the Jack O Lanterns and more spiderwebs!!

I have SEW much fun, yes I said SEW MUCH FUN! Making these tops and dresses, this is just the first 3! I am excited now! woohoo!!
Buy these dresses or check them out *click Me*

BTW I Will draw a name for the rain dots this afternoon sometimes.

Added from my myspace blog this morning

I remember 9-11 and how scared I was every time I heard an airplane for 1 year afterwards.

I remember being pregnant and crying for the families, I remember seeing the families in agony and despair.
All I can do now is shed a few tears in memory and pray for those battling lung cancer and other afflictions from helping in 9-11. Fly my flag and hope for better and Trust that God will protect me and my family and stay true to my faith and beliefs.
I have to remember that no matter the political view, or who we vote for, that it hurts everyone remembering. And it is not a republican or democratic problem but a USA attack that happened.
So no matter the belief or view of me and my friends....I pray today and ~REMEMBER~
9 11 in our hearts Pictures, Images and Photos


Anonymous said...

Very well said about those we lost and those that are still hurting. The dresses are really cute, and I am sure that the new owners will wear them with pride!

crazed scrapbooker said...

awesome dresses, soooo cute! yet sooo halloweenie LOL. great job..wish i could sew.think i failed that part in home ec. wow! more dots to give away, that is sooo nice ! good luck to all that enter !

crazed scrapbooker said...

plus forgot 2 mention, 9 -11..cuddles to all the families that had lost a loved one, i'm sure the pain of that day will never go away xoxoxox

Ann said...

Love that purple fabric with the spiders!!!!

Misvish said...

You're dresses are too cute.
Do you sell those?

As for September 11th - I still remember that day (Although I'm Canadian) it still impacted me greatly and just thinking of that day gives me chills and tears in my eyes. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones.

Pinky said...

Yes, I sell those dresses there is a link on this post

Martha said...

I agree - today brings back a lot of sad memories, doesn't it? Your dresses are so cute! Great job Pinky!

Anonymous said...

That is a very touching and sweet thought about 9-11 We will never forget.

The halloween tops and dresses are toooooo cute girl!!!! lovin them you must be chained to your sewing machine - your kicking but!!!

just lisa said...

those tops are adorable Cristal!!! You are definitiely talented in more then just scrapbooking!!

Ziggyeor said...

oh those dresses are so cute! I need to clean my table off and figure out if my grannys sewing machine still works! I wanna purple spider dress too!!! ROFL


jonaks said...

loved those dresses.

Pinky said...

ROFL zig your too funny!

patty w said... have SO much talent! Girl.. I wish we were closer , so you could teach me a few things ;)

Those tops are beautiful ! I love purple! They are so fun and gorgeous!

9-11... still can't believe it happened some times. Oh, how I wish it were a dream. Our land was being surveyed and my dd had just started kindergarten! So scared. Disbelief.

Hugs to all

btw.. I love the Kid Rock song , picture..startled me when I heard him start singing! I usually have the sound down! Loved it.

CherrieScraps said...

Hey chickie...these Halloween tops and dresses are just Fabulous - soooo flippin cute.