Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Back to the Basics~

I made this LO for the Scrapbooking Heaven CROP!
IF You feel like cropping this week with SUPER nice laid back people PLEASE stop by and tell them I sent you and if you crop 2 challenges I get a badge! LOL

Crop with PINKY!

I was feeling a little chip-boardy today LOL!

I just felt like doing a real basic LO so damned if I didn't! It's not my usual style and not my usual tear/layer/embellish/tear. But it was fun and I LIKE IT! So thats what counts!
Plus its a cute story!

We were in Norfolk VA and mind you this is the FIRST big Battleship I had seen close up so we drove around twice but with traffic I could not get a shot, I missed 3! So finally my batteries gave out on me and NO PICTURE! I was so upset!

But I knew I had one shot left if I flipped the batteries so I did and Andrew grabbed the camera and I will be damned if he did not get the "PERFECT" shot off!
My hero! *sigh* hehehehe

Have a beautiful Day and thanks for coming by!


Nic said...

I love that the photo is a reflection in your rearview mirror! Very cool perspective. :) Love your blog and will be back!
~ Nic #1033

southernbellescrapper said...

Beautiful lo gf! Good on your husband! He sounds like a keeper! ;)

Anonymous said...

guess what girl !? You are MOVIN ON ALONG WITH ME TO CLASS 2 !!!! Cherrie too , wooohooooo !!!!

See ya in class Miss Hobbs !! Dont forget your knee socks and chewing gum !!

NancyJones said...

LOVE the photo what a cool idea chicky!
You so talented!!!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture !!!

Anonymous said...

Just in case you want to know it's the Battleship Uss Winconsin,love ya girl,Jenny