Monday, September 29, 2008

~Drum roll please~

OK it's been a harrowing week let me tell you!
All the hating on Pinky going on! LOL

I knwo its just 2 people Raising a ruckus but Jiminy Cricket....seems like they would have better things to do than hate on me for giving away a RAK! Should I quit? What do the people who count think? My faithful sweet blog viewers?

Now this is a SNEAK PEEK of a special event coming up on the 1st! YES I will be the reigning QUEEN of.....Oh wait , I will let you know on the FIRST! Bwhahahaha!

And these are just a FEW of the handmade flowers I gave away last week and finally finished them this weekend! I had a ball making them ands it was so FUN to see the great response to my being published on Fiskateers and having that great tutorial up! There were OVER 120 comments on that ONE Blog!!!!
WOOHOOO Thanks to YOU My friends and I do think of you all as friends!

Now for what you have been waiting for!

If you see your name here PLEASE contact me for your prize info!
The RIC RAC stamp WINNER is!

Blogger Lasting Memories Scrapbooking said...

me me me! and i am the first poster! way nice of you by the way:0)

September 28, 2008 7:21 PM

And the SECOND winner of the Paradise/vacation stamps is....

Blogger Jill said...

Yikes why would someone be that lame meaning scrap bitch? Anyway... thanks for the chance! They are so fun! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

September 28, 2008 9:45 PM

Now don't be disheartened if you did not win I promise I will have another RAK soon! I love spreading the scrapbooking LOVE to me it is DEFINITELY about showing others how loving and caring crafters can be and that ART has a heart!

After the day I had and the doggin yesterday I had a wonderful call today!
My husband got a 300.00 bonus for being a great employee and he is taking momma to dinner! How fun and unexpected it made me cry!

Have a beautiful DAY


Lisa Harman said...

woohoop to the winners.. thats awesome.

good news about hubby too. I hope you both have a lovelly night out.

as for those slagging you off and being nasty.. get a life to them. you are better than them so ignore their crap.

Colleen said...

Sorry you had such a bad day the other day. I am sure that some special time with the hubby will make up for that. Hope you had a nice dinner.

Nikki said...

Congrats girls!

Marilyn said...

Pinky, to answer your question, I would look at your blog even without the RAKs. I say screw the haters and do what makes you happy! They obviously don't understand that it is just as fun to give a gift than receive one! As a "faithful sweet blog viewer", my vote is keep up with what you are doing. You are an amazing scrapper and artist-always be yourself!

Deanna said...

Never quit... lovin the bitchin flowers!

southernbellescrapper said...

congrats to the winners! Yay!!

Have fun on your night out gf! That is awesome!!!!!

And don't worry aboutu those meanies! We love ya!!!!!

Georgina said...

congrats to the winners! =) YAY!! and enjoy your dinner date with the hubby =) AND let the haters continue to be miserable and envious!!! YOU: keep Livin', Lovin' and Laughin' ---- so sad that there are ppl like that out there!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with Andrew at dinner and girl,screw the haters who gives a s**t what they think!You rock,you are a good person and if they don't have anything better to do with their time than hate on ya then they are awfully lonely people with no lives.Love ya chica,

Michelle said...

I guess I missed the meaness that went on. Hope everything is better now. I had a shitty day today so now I'm going to make something pretty!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of the haters - I must of missed that - but poo on them - who cares this is YOUR blog and YOU can do what YOU want on it!!! If they dont like they shouldnt stop by - I love it here - I get my "pinky fix" everyday!!! Have a great night out!!!

Nic said...

may the fleas of a thousand camels infest their undies, and their arms be too short to scratch - mean ol' biddies ROCK ON PINKY!!

Sarah said...

Congrats to the winners

I didn't know about your scrapbitch hater! Double what Nic said!

Let's Scrap Design Team said...

thank you i am super excited! your awesome girl!

connie said...

Congrats to the winners!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

Pinky don't worry about the negative people--apparently they have NO LIFE and nothing better to do than talk about someone else! Love your Blog-keep up the great inspiration.

Dolores said...

Congrats to the winners!

patty w said...

Ok...first ..Nic...ROFL..Too funny!

Congrats to the winners! know in your heart who you are.. You can only be you and be true to yourself.

For those who don't like you....Spend your time somewhere else. Jealousy is a mean emotion!

For those that do like/love you , we're here to support you !


Paper Propaganda said...

I saw you on Scrap you Crap and thought I would come and check out your blog! Hello! :)

Cee said...

Ok, I about spewed my Dew when reading what Lee wrote, and I DOUBLE TRIPLE that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the winners!!!!!!

And Cristal, Enjoy your night out with the hubby...... have lots of fun and find yourself a baby sitter and get a hotel room!!!!! That will make up for your bad week!!!!

Jackie said...

First congrats to the winners, second, congrats to your hubby and have fun on your date :) Third, I read your blog even before I knew anything about give aways.. so scrapbitch can stick her head where the sun don't shine.. I'm sure she can figure out where that is!

Jill said...

YAY!!! Whoo Hoo! I love stamps! Thanks so much! You rock! I sent you a PM on Bad Girls with my info.

Tona said...

Hope you had a good dinner with your husband! Don't let those nasty people get you down.Those of us that count, LOl, know that you're great!!
Congrats to the winners.

Holly said...

How sweet he too you to dinner. You deserve it.

MaryNSC said...

U go and have a wonderful time Pinky.W2G winners..Come back and post and show us what U made PLEASE..O)

Denise - FL said...

Congrats to the winners!!

Cristal - I love, love, love those flowers girl!!

They are awesome!