Saturday, September 27, 2008

~Hooray for the weekend~

I use the new Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper ribbon on this and i love it! (its is the white scallops) I actually love this LO it feels so fresh to me and happy.

This is a busy weekend at my house! Not ONE but TWO birthdays, My baby is turning 5 and my step son is turning 13! Awww the rebellious I know everything age! UGH
And it started off lastnight with a big fight too!
So I am up early decorating a birthday cake!
And I made a Cheesecake for the other one lastnight.

Now off to make a few more flowers!

FOR Those of you who won the FLOWER RAK, I will be mailing those on MONDAY!
It took me longer than I anticipated to make 25 flowers with 3 kids and 2 birthdays this week! LOL

Have a beautiful Day and thank you for stopping by...
OH and I want to thank YOU all for your support this week! this was a rough one but the outpouring of support has been amazing and I thank every one for that!
Not only the wonderful comments but just standing behind me and
keeping my stress level way down!

(((hugs))) and MUCH Aloha


Holly said...

Love the LO!

Have a fun weekend with those 2 birthdays, enjoy and relax. After the week you had, you deserve the break.

Adrienne said...

oh my. Birthday's are stressful! At least they aren't in december! :D

southernbellescrapper said...

Have a great weekend gf! Happy bday to your boys and eat some cheesecake for me! Yummo!

Anonymous said...

My flowers are nice...and I am singing...they are so la la la la lah! LOL! Love your scrap stuff and want to know a secret!? The reason I could not belong to a "design team" is because I have NO idea WHOSE stuff I am using! LOL!! All ribbon goes here...all buttons here...clear stamps here....blah blah! Happy weekend! Gina

Anonymous said...


Colleen said...

13 isn't too bad, you will survive. My oldest turns 15 in a couple of weeks. Usually she is civil and easy to be around, but every so often the attitude and mouth come out. However she knows if she wants to do things then she has to remain civilized.

Have fun with the two birthdays.

Georgina said...

beautiful LO girl! have a great weekend and happy birthday to your boys! =)

Sarah said...

I have been working all weekend, and I can't leave comments from there either. Beautiful pics and love that scallop ribbon. Happy Birthday to your boys!

Regan said...

love this!!!

Ann said...

Love the butterflies. I just got some sequin butterflies I want to use on a layout, and I have made some butterflies from felt and had sewing. Just can't find the pics to go with what I envision for a layout. It will probably come to me when least expected.