Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Friday is just around the bend~

Man I am looking forward to the weekend!!
Hubby has been working 15 to 18 hours a day just me and the boys at home!
I am beat!

I want to take time to invite you all over to my playground I have been
at for a long time! A great Owner and a great site, I am going on almost a year now. There are weekly challenges which I LOVE and she has a great store too!
Come play with me!
Treasured Scrapbooking!
The owner has a great reputation and the girls there are warm and friendly!
I actually have 3 sites I am embedded in and feel like they are trustworthy great sites, I will post them all this week!

At 33 it still haunts me in my heart. Not every day but sometimes I wonder. Do you love me?
Or have you ever?
I think I know you never have and never will but instead of thinking it is me I choose to believe either...#1 You do not know how to love or your just to Fucked up to love.

I did not add a picture to this LO because its not really
about one person its about a couple people.

Ok off to the kids and dinner!
Have a beautiful day
BUT you loved the boys and beat the girls so what the hell do I know?


Georgina said...

oh I love this! the edge looks great! LOVE everything about it, like always =)

southernbellescrapper said...

Great job gf! I love the lo!

Holly said...

Nice, great LO.

Anonymous said...

full of art and emotion......

Anonymous said...

Cute and I didnt even realize there wasnt a pic at first its done great !!!!

CherrieScraps said...

another REAL emotional LO!! This is so cool - love the design and the fact that it pulls you in - even without a picture!!

Cee said...

Im loving this one Cristal..... Very emotional too.... I wished I could put my feelings on a page like you do.... so raw and out there that it helps you deal.... you just rock....... Hugs girl