Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am pretty excited to attend my first BIG Crop event!
The NASHVILLE FIsk-a-Friendzy!

Is anyone else attending?
Its 20.00 but it includes prizes form FISKARS
its not just your regular crop!

Come on I know you want to come crop with PINKY! The events are all over the USA their are 5 total and this one is closest to me!! Come play with me in Nashville!
You can sit at the cool kids table!! BWHAHA!

If your not a fiskateer and you want to sign up and attend!

Email Cheryl she rocks or Angela too!
I love Rebecca but she is out of town!

Also people are always asking me about good sites to play in and
I keep a list on the side of my blog------>

I also joined a new quiet group this week.

Not alot of people or posts yet. But a sweet group.


Kelly Jo said...

Hi, Pinky~
Actually, Cheryl, Angela and Rebecca are all at Scrapfest this weekend. Only Wendy Jo and I are around for new sign ups.
Anyone looking to join should get to know one of us 5 through our bios ( and pick someone that they feel a 'connection' with. Joining by Monday won't be too late to attend the Fisk-a-Friendzys. =)
~Kelly Jo

Jackie said...

Awwwww if only I lived down your way, I would be there with wings and bells on. :)

CherrieScraps said...

girl - you know I am trying to find a way there. I wanna crop with Pinky!!!