Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~Scrappin' Tuesday~

I have really been using lace for that vintage feel in my Layouts Lately. I love old vintage lace and other items. This lace I used was from my husband's Grandmother, she left me all her sewing supplies when she passed on and I cannot let it go, but it makes GREAT scraping embellishments especially for those pages I want to add extra love on. This is my step mom or EX step mom...she has been a phenomenal influence in my life.

So how do we feel about pink on BOY Layouts?? WELL, since I scrap with NO RULES I love it!
This is a LO from a mother's heart anyways so its all good!

All my boys not only love pink but wear it!
Which in Oregon wasn't really thought about but apparently in Tennessee, it's a whole nother story LOL I even had a man tell me last week...
"I guess I am not a secure man because I won't be wearing no girly PINK"
I told him..."Well I guess you are not secure as a man, better think about that!"
Just drives me nuts men get so worked up over the color PINK, I mean for gosh sakes their tongue ain't BLUE! BWHAHA!

Thank YOU for stopping by and have a beautiful day..
OH and I will be mailing all those flowers out tomorrow


Kelly C said...

absolutely gorgeous layouts, and how lucky you got all those vintage supplies!!
btw - I love tagged your blog... it's easy and happy, so check it out!

Little Miss said...

Love the lo with your stepmom, the lace was a great touch. I like scrapping with pink so my hubby has tons of pink pages.

I got the letters in yesterday, THANK YOU!!!! Can't wait to use them!!!

Anonymous said...

I see men wear pink hear in Ohio all the time - its great !!!!!!!!! Im glad to see pink on a boy LO cause I do it!!!

Jennifer said...


Dolores said...

I love your vintage layout, it's just gorgeous. loving the pink on the layout

Adrienne said...

yeah totally kids around here wear pink all the time! I love that last layout with the butterfly and the lace it it simply beautiful! :D

Kimmy P said...

Here in Dallas -- I see more men wearing pink & purple than women. Love me some Metrosexuals! :)

Georgina said...

BEAUTIFUL SISTAH!! love these!! especially your 'boy' LO.. andddd, TOUGH men wear PINK! so THERE!!! ha ha =)

momma_lizzie said...

lol I love useing pink everywhere... even on my son's pages!!! you can totally make it work! (tim gun voice)

Ann said...

My nephew is 13 years old and he loves pink polo shirts. I think he owns about 10. Oh and the light yellow color polo shirts too.

Sarah said...

Haha, you go with the pink manly LO! (Love his haircut BTW!) I dried off my DS with a pink towel and DH had to say something smart. I should do a pink LO just for him!