Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snippet from Big Cute Beach Girl's Blog (crazy girl on my links)

I just took a snippet and filled in my own answers.
Thanks Tina, I adore you!

If you die tomorrow…
Who will speak at your funeral?--

No one, I just want my hubby and boys to fly to Hawaii and lay my ashes to rest there, No bull shit "I loved her" from my so called family. Heck I don't care if they even know I died, i would prefer them not to.

What would you like your eulogy to say?--

She was who she was 100% through and through. No bull shit there! She loved her boys 10,000%

How would you hope to leave this world?--

Something unexpected would be nice, with no pain or fear

Would you tell anyone you were going to die?--

Oh yes, I have seen what it does when people don't know. Its better to know.

If you wrote a final letter to be read at your funeral what would it say?--

Don't give my boys to anyone in my family and for God's sake please keep them away from Oregon forever! Don't worry about me, I am in God's arms now. I am finally at peace.
I don't regret anything that happened in my life the good or the bad, it all shaped me and prepared me for the best gift of all. My husband and children. So don't sorrow for me. I finally feel no pain.

Upon arriving at the pearly gates, what would God say to you?--

I know life sucked but here you will find peace. I loved you all along.

And finally, Your famous last words?--

THINK PINK! hahahaha No really....
LIVE FEARLESSLY! Be honest with yourself!

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