Thursday, June 26, 2008

~Hoo's Bird-Day is it?~

OK OK , it was yesterday and my poor husband had to work until almost midnight!
The kids were devastated and Andrew was sooo tired. He ate some Taco Bell and went to bed.
Let me tell you birthdays as an adult suck! LOL
You get socks and shorts and go to bed after work. It's not like a worldwide celebration like when your a kid!!
But I did have fun making this card. It could have been alot better but it turned out OK!


Jenster said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Yes, birthdays are a lot more fun when you're a kid. You get to celebrate more AND you don't mind getting older!

Jenster said...

Hee, hee, I forgot to mention that the owl card is adorable.

Caitlin B. said...

Thank you for commenting on my work!! I'm so glad you let me be a part of your site and you're work is amazing!! Oh yea, Love the owl card!! :)


Tasha said...

the card is sooooooo cute!