Monday, June 2, 2008

Nothing but work work work!

Since my suck ass van broke down and they only take cash (WTH is up with that? for all I know he is stripping the van and selling it for parts?! I hate mechanics) and we have a rental car, I have been doing nothing but sewing my ass off! I wish I had more fabric!
My favorite find is the white cherry fabric I found. I have sold 3 already! woohoo!
And some BUTTERFLY fabric which was mroe expensive but always sells for more too! I lov e when I find cherries and butterflies they always sell fast!
Now where the heck is the KNIT fabric everyone asks for??? I NEED cheap KNIT!

Hopefully I can go back to Franklin tomorrow and buy more (above fabric) in my rental CAR! UGH

My very favorite scrapbooking site crashed. I had a 10.00 gift card there and so many friends. I am utterly devastated. It doesn't even look like she will be able to get it running and if she does much will be lost. Its so depressing I loved those girls and that site.


Big Cute Beach Girl said...

okay, i need a shirt in the white cherry fabric. who i got to sleep with to get one?

just lisa said...

Your dresses are just adorable - soooo pretty!! You are so talented!!

Come check out the new TS blog....until the site is up and running again!