Friday, June 6, 2008

Fabric and scrapbooking, my two passions

I LOVE using fabric in scrapbooking but I don't see many people doing it.
BUT this week I received this car from New Zealand of all places from a gal who joined my Just Scrappin' site. OMG how cool!~
She pop dotted fabric (on paper of course) onto a card and it turned out so fun I think!
Fabric has so many great prints, I love cutting out a piece and attaching it to cardstock then using it in layouts as an embellishment.

Oh and June has some prizes and some really fun chat going on. The girls at Just Scrappin' are so special. If your my friend and want to join in it's open for fun.
Come on in! We have a summer Layout contest going on with a border punch prize and a 10.00 Micheal's gift card!
Its a drama free fun caring chat forum.


Holly said...

I've never thought of using fabric. What a great idea. My butterfly does get a lot of cards that a friend of ours has used fabric to embellish so not sure why I haven't put two and two together. Thanks for the great idea!

By the way, I loved your answers on your last post.

Mokihana said...

That is fabulous!!!! I love that card!!