Saturday, June 21, 2008

~Croppin' Cherry is Gone~

I have never been to a crop! UNTIL NOW!
I went lastnight and it was a hoot!
It was super cool having real life people see my pages. I felt like a super star to be honest!
It was good to feel my work was adequate enough for people to see in real life!
I had fun and they are planning a monthly crop.
I really liked the girls. They were so much fun and very mellow like me.
I only made one page but I got these Glass round things as a RAK and they ROCK I wish I could put glass on every single page!!!!! OMG I about died over them!
~Good times, good friends, and good fun!~


Amy said...

I'm glad you had a good time - I havent been to a crop for awhile. Your page is great and the glass is cool - I've never seen that before. Have fun !!!!

Mokihana said...

Wow!! That is a wonderful page! You did a great job on it!

Big Cute Beach Girl said...

I'm so glad I finally got to meet you, you are just like me only with some pink hair. Love you.

TraceyT said...

Those glass accents are perfect here. Glad you got to go to a real live crop. They are a blast.

Carlee said...

*pop* *pop* Congratulations!! :) hehe

Little Miss said...

I love this layout, too cute. I really like the picture!