Sunday, June 1, 2008

From Franklin to Franklin!~

Well nothing worse than taking a drive in the countryside (after working all day poor Andrew) and ending up in Franklin TN of all places, and breaking down! OMG!
I now hate my minivan! LOL
So from Franklin, VA to Franklin, TN I now realize that all places named Franklin have bad luck in store for me!

Those poor kids in the car while broke down. UGH what a bad day.

Oh and these are some bookmakrs I made for a swap I did. *bleh* to today!


JoEllyn said...

Love the bookmarks!!! I'm going to try and make a bunch today too!!

Big Cute Beach Girl said...

Wtf? You were broke down in Franklin and you didn't call a bitch? What's up with that?
You scared of me?