Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~Simple Beauty~

I scrapped this yesterday I wanted to break into my Crate Paper and see what i could do! And it was amazing I loved every second of it!
These pictures I took in VA when we first arrived. I know Virginia was crazy smelly and dirty and dangerous BUT there was some beauty, there is everywhere.

Oh I got a sneak peak at the Kit Kelly put together JUST for me and for Just Scrappin' and OMG its amazing, I am so excited! You have to check her kits out.
They are very detailed and have alot of little extras. http://www.kitcardshop.com/

I am excited it's actually going to be cooler this week. It's only supposed to be 80 today so I might go out and hike my skirt up and get a tan! woohoo!
Its been so hot but beautiful and last night we had a KILLER Thunderstorm! Man the house was rocking!
I have now decided that when we buy a home I have 3 requirements....
#1 is....5 bedrooms~!
#2 is.... a VERY large porch so I can watch God's Sky Shows and not get struck by lightning or get too wet....it just flies int the house now.
#3 is....we are def. going green....either solar panel or wind turbines...have not figured it out yet but its going to happen.
I know its about 2 years away....but hey a girl can make plans anyways right?
Have a beautiful day y'all.


Anonymous said...

You keep planning now girl - two years is not that far away.

Congrats on the sponser - I cant wait to see what you create and how far you will go!!!!!

You go girl!!!!!!! Dream Big!!!!!!

Lisa said...

That Crate is beautiful! I love the card. Your plan for a house requirements sounds great. I hope Tennessee is being kinder to you, it really is a great place to live. I so wish I lived in Middle Tennesse, believe Memphis is much worse than the Nashville area!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I got like 4569 compliments on my cherry shirt you sent me....I freaking love it! And just let me know what I owe for it....you are my big girl sewing girl...oh, and the crop for friday night is at office. I'll email you the addy tomorrow...

JoEllyn said...

You keep planning!! I would so loooove to be "off grid"!!!!

Amanda L. said...

Love all that Crate Paper you have layered!!

Greta Adams said...

girl you are rocking out those layouts they are all fabulous!!

Greta Adams said...

girl you are rocking out those layouts they are all fabulous!!