Saturday, June 7, 2008

Card Crazy!

Yea that's right I went a little card crazy. No actually I am doing a card swap and I have the "Sympathy or Here for you" cards. So I made 8 lastnight. They are all simple but it brought me some joy making them anyways. I was feeling a bit down about my friend's baby in the N ICU and she was having a hard time coping yesterday, so I locked my self into my scrap room and just started cutting. Something therapeutic about cutting and snipping and seeing some life in those cards.


Holly said...

Your cards are cute. You have a real talent for what you do. As far as therapeutic cutting, my Butterfly will sometimes snip for hours when she's in the hospital so it must do something for the soul.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Your cards are stunning Pinky. I always like to see what you have made.

Jen del Muro said...

these are such cute cards!!