Monday, June 30, 2008

~REAL Love Notes~

I have challenges to complete and other Layouts to do, but I was switching purses yesterday and came across these little LOVE notes. From my son Justice. Every time we go to a restaurant or have a wait at the DMV or anywhere, he asks for pen and paper and writes me little ""Love Notes".
My heart us always touched by these but coming across so many in my purse even Ice Cream Cone papers! I was in love all over again!
So I put away all challenges and just scrapped my heart to tell you the truth.

And it felt wonderful and I showed him the page and we smiled and he showed me how he did not remember some of them and we talked about his old drawings....

Now THAT my friend is Scrapbooking 100%~


TraceyT said...

Now this is what scrapbooking is all about. What a wonderful memory to capture. Nicely done.

Amy said...

U said it - What a great memory to have.

Tona said...

That is why we preserve a precious memory like this. You did a great job of it too. You're a lucky mom & he's a lucky son. Very touching!