Sunday, June 15, 2008

~Great Day!~


First of all Happy Father's Day, especially to all the single parents out there who do double duty!

Second of all you might be wondering about my picture today.
Well, we had a wonderful day yesterday and Just Scrappin' got it's FIRST Sponsor!!!!!!
It is Keep in Touch Kelly, the wonderful owner has agreed to make special kits just for us! And she will be offering an ENTIRE kit up for a prize! Woohoo!!'

It is all thanks to the wonderful caring group of ladies on Just Scrappin' , you are all so wonderful and kind and give 110%.

We have a special few, Jenny and Cee who send out Welcome cards to all new members.
We have Karen who helps keep it running and does alot of the hands on work.
And of course the great staff Cherrie, and Denise!

This is a BIG day for JS and a proud moment for me!

SO if you see Kelly's Link please add her to your blogs or signatures. At least go check out her kits, they really are unique and reasonably priced as well.

Happy Father's Day and until tomorrow.....have a beautiful day.


Amanda L. said...

How exciting..looks like she has an awesome kit.

TraceyT said...

Congrats!! :)