Sunday, April 11, 2010

~Scrappy Sunday, FUN new goodies, & Giveaway WINNER!~

Morning my crafty-licious friends.
I am running late today, I fell asleep early after all
the baseball mom duties and our picnic yesterday.

I always put such great pressure on myself to make an elaborate
very ornate card because after all, I am a crafter and what is what
people expect right? LOL Well this morning I needed to make a
birthday card and I decided to not worry about all the extras and just
go with the flow.I started with my CRI-KIT pens, and wrote the Happy Birthday
in Scriptina Font and I think I swooned! Anyways it's not super ornate but
it's pretty and I know my girlfriend will love it :)I used my trusty Helmar 450 on the bow because it does not
soak through and it holds quick. I love these little pins in the middle.
Makes the card seem more special I think.

I got an email from Cri-Kit this morning telling me they came out with a new tool!!
A Cri-Kit EMBOSSER!!!!!!! OMG! I am so excited.
Don't forget that I have some Cri-Kit pens to giveaway shortly.
I am waiting on the back-order but I will be GIVING AWAY sets of Cri-Kits!

Anyways go check out the embosser right here
I am soooo going to be working with these!
I am thinking how cool it would be to emboss any shape I want with my SCAL.
(BTW I broke down and bought the SCAL!) *yea*
(I stole this picture off of their site *wink*)

Last but not least....

The STAMP GIVEAWAY from Friday?? The winner RANDOMLY chosen
as always :) is.....*drum roll*

Blogger Summer said...

HI! I loved what you said the other day about scrapbookers being so giving, and it putting your heart back in humankind. I totally agree. I can't imagine the hours that each of you put into these blogs, but I do enjoy it all. Thank you for sharing.

Friday, April 09, 2010

~Thank you for stopping by and saying hi~
~Have a beautiful Sunday~
~Hope you get to enjoy some sun today~


lizzie said...

oooo that embosser sounds pretty nifty!

kmassman said...

That card is so cool! Love it!

Bobbi said...

Hi Pinky,Another southerner here. I live in the foothills of good ole' NC. Just stopping by to say hi. I enjoy your blog so much. Your work is wonderful.

Jolanda said...

Love the elegant font you used. Beautiful card.

TeenaBugg38 said...

Pinky I think your card is beautiful. I crafters we put way too much pressure on ourselves sometimes to do it up big. I keep telling myself that sometimes simple is better. I think it must be a southern girl thang....we love all that bling!!!

Bee's hive said...

a CRICUT EMBOSSER? ooooooo more drugs for the addicted....sign me up.

Jocelyn said...

Oh I adore this card....the colors are just awesome!!!

Congrats to the winner!!!

Are you an enabler...did you just give me something else to add to my HAVE TO HAVE LIST!!!!

I just adore you girle....have a great one!!!

Summer said...

Yay! I won! I'm so excited. Thanks for the chance. Love today's card. I guess that I'm going to have to try the pens and then certainly the embosser.

Kray said...

I love this card. Simple can be very pretty and elegant!

Tracy said...

That card is so pretty.

Caroline said...

Elegant and fun!
Beautiful card and great post!

Summer said...

Do you need my address?

Pinky said...

Yes ma'am I do. You can email it to me