Thursday, April 8, 2010

~Pure Magnetism Cards & More SVG files~

Good morning my amazingly crafty friends.
I hope to inspire you today to step out of your box and
send some love to someone who needs it today.

The entire story and more pictures and Pure Magnetism Cards can be found
on the Clearscraps Blog today right HERE

Clearscraps acrylic
was definitely one of the reason I came up with these.
So, I know what you are thinking....
"what is the crazy pink headed one talking about today???"

Well, let me explain to ya :)
I have a couple of good friends who are going through some rough patches
lately (like we all have at one time or another) and I got to thinking
I would send some cards out, but then I wondered what else could I do?
I wanted a card on steroids! LOL
Why not make a card that attaches ot hangs from the fridge??
So every time someone comes into the kitchen they remember that
you took the time to say "hey I love ya, I care"
So go check out the blog :)
I came up with these (This is just one version)
Acrylic cards that are not your traditional folding card,
but instead have magnets and would be double sided.
The front would be a version of a card or mixed layout
and the back would have a special message
whether it be hand written or printed on
Now this one I used my new Cri-Kit pens to write the "You Are Loved"
OMG how cool is it, not to have to find a rub-on or print
something up on my computer, just be able to type it out on my Cricut and
cut it out! LOVE these pens!
This one I had to share a sneak peek because guess what I used to attach the
Hambly to the front of the Pure Magnetism card??
Helmar V2 Babay! That's right, it dried invisible! Look at that!
I am so excited to be able to glue down Hambly with no visible glue.
Helmar V2 rocks my socks off LOL

Here are just a few more SVG's for you SVG hunters today!
Free as always and just click the image to download

Hello Kitty
Cloud, Moon, Flower pack

Don't forget I have some of these pens to give away shortly!
I am so excited for y'all to try them too.

I have a very busy day ahead with school and all that jazz,
and last night I burned all my fingers so it should be an interesting day LOL

~Have a great Thursday y'all!~
~Thanks for stopping by and saying hi~


MaryNSC said...

U r such a wonderful person.. Thank U so much for making my life easier..
The cards are BEAUTIFUL!! I have not used my pens in a long time I forget I am going to have try them again...
thank UUU

rosegarden - Laura Fiskateer 5939 said...

Pinky! Can you tell me what the pink ruffle is on the last card? I love the effect - is it crepe paper?

Oh and I received Cricut pens for Christmas but have never taken them out of the package. Hmmmm, I may have to do that huh?

Pinky said...

That is Jenni Bowlin Crepe paper ribbon :)

Dayna said...

Gorgeous!!! I love your SVG I just need to buy a program so that I can use them lol;)

How do you make the SVG files?? Is it a special program??

Heather said...

These are amazing! Your friends who recieve them are very lucky!

Southernbelle said...

Great job on the 'Pure Magnetism' cards gf! They turned out so cute!!!! I love 'em! I know anyone will love this on their fridge!

Super cute SVG's too! :)

Love ya!

Liz said...

Very cute idea. I love those pens..hmmm
I'd have to see them in action but I really see what a cute project they can make

Lynne said...

Pinky, this is such a great idea!! Your friends will def love & appreciate your kindness.

moloneyat said...

Your magnetic cards are a cool idea Pinky and the ones you have made look great :)
I use my xyron to magnetise photos to share and never thought of doing it for a special card - TFS!!!
TracyM #6773

melody said...

lovin the idea of hangin the card on the kewl is that! and what beautiful projects chickie! you always have the kewlest ideas


sandyh50 said...

I cannot believe how good you are on the Cricut for just getting one recently. I am going to break down and buy the SCAL program today. Your SVG images are awesome and so are all your lovely projects!! I would love to win some of the pens!