Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~Hump Day Updates & Build your own Russian Doll SVG!

Morning my lovely online friends,
I have chicken and family updates today and a special SVG file.
A build your own Russian Doll SVG, I was so excited to make this one!

This is the project I am working on right now, it will be
up on the Clearscraps Blog tomorrow!!!!
They are cards for your refrigerator.
Simple right?? I have had so many friends going through hard
times lately, I got to thinking last night that maybe I could make a card
for their fridge that has an inspirational quote on the back or a note
from me letting them know I care.I started working on it and thought that the acrylic Clearscraps would
be a perfect base...and this is just one I came up with.
So stay tuned and check back tomorrow :)

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the well wishes for my baby boy,
we had an incident at school because he is not adjusted to the
broken wrist and brace yet, so I ended up taking him home.
Poor little fella....today will be a better day.

Here he is, none too happy right now but it was a beautiful day anyways :)For those of you who are keeping tabs (I know I am)
12 of the chickens have officially moved outside!
I am sorry but the smell of 14 chickens in the house was kicking my butt LOL
We finished the coop (except for paint and the roofing) and
fenced it all in on Sunday plus it has been like 83 every day.
So, I put the chicken warming light in there and off they went.
You want to know the funniest part of the move?
Daffodil, yes Miss Daffodil who finally got to see the chickens out and about
you know within 5 minutes she had snuck UNDER the fence
Yes...UNDER the chicken fence and she began chasing the chickens...
Now I thought she was chasing them but in fact they had climbed under the
coop and she was freaking out because she knew they needed to be inside and if
they kept going under they would escape, so she was chasing them back in.
Now how about them apples??

For being a poor flea covered "mini" dog, she surely has been a
LARGE very helpful dog. She always barked when they went couch
hopping too, just to let me know...."Hey mom they are out again!" LOL

In the end I think we have discovered 2 things
#1 the hubsters is a farmer at heart
#2 the dog is smarter then we even imagined LOL

OK ok enough gabbing for me today...here is the SVG file
(BTW for those who have asked)
SVG files are for the Sure Cuts Alot Program for your Cricut
or the Makes The Cut program, basically you can cut anything you can find
like these files I have been sharing.

Now the file is all broken up but here is the full
jpeg view
Click on either one to download.

The file is nice and large so you can resize or just have fun with it!

That is all for me today
~Have a great Wednesday~
~Thank you for stopping by to say hello~


Kelly C said...

sounds like you have a hearding dog... when they are 90 lbs and want to heard, then it becomes a problem! LOL!

gage will be back to his normal self and not paying attention to that cast soon, no worries!

Jocelyn said...

Oh your Pup is the best!!! Love the pics of the chickens!!!

Poor Gage...he does not look happy!!! :-(

Dawn said...

I am sure your little guy will get use to the clunky cast, did he break it in the growth plate?
The chicks are adorable, and I understand about getting them out of the house...nothing like that smell, beats wet dog hands down.
Thanks for the information about SVG files. I don't have the cuts a lot have thought about trying.

Tona said...

I can't believe how fast those chickens are growing!

Heather said...

The chickens are so cute! And Miss daffodil is indeed a smart pup! Love the russian doll and the thinking of you sign.

stampkjs said...

I LOVE the idea and your execution of Refrigerator Cards!!! I look forward to seeing more. Wow what a great asset to the farm your dog has turned out to be. I can't believe how big your chicks have gotten! Your poor son... tell him you know someone his age who broke both of her arms at the same time when she was around his age (I was in 5th grade when I fell out of a tree) I had full casts on my arms with my elbow bent at a right degree angle. I couldn't feed myself or go to the bathroom. Someone had to do all these things for me AND the school said I was too much of a liability so I couldn't go to school! I know he will find some fun things about having a cast on. He will cheer up pretty soon.


TT said...

HHMMMMM, maybe i orta get me some chickens. heehee. i am sure my Lab would enjoy the taste. thats all i need. something else to keep up with. i guess i will just keep up with yours. :)

Pinky said...

LOL well there will be some whooping and hollering when they lay eggs for sure!

scrappinlil said...

I love your techniques...and I really appreciate the video of pleating...I did become a follower on your blog..TFS

moloneyat said...

Your baby will be back to being himself soon Pinky - my little nephew went through the same last year but they put a fibreglass "plaster" on his arm.
Your little chickies don't look like chickens any more do they and they must love being out in the sunshine with the grass too (good practice for nice yellow yolks in their eggs!!!)
Thanks for explaining about SGV files - I had the job of googling to find out about them on my to-do list.
Happy days :) TracyM #6773