Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~Busy Tuesday, chick update, and new SVG's!~

Morning my crafty fun friends :)
I thought I would take today to update on my green and orange chicks
I have had some emails saying "HEY what's up with those chicks??" LOL
Well, here they are safe and sound, we are integrating them into
the flock today.
It is funny though, poor little fella's stick together
They LOVE hiding under the chicken ladder.
This week we are going to place perches and nesting boxes inside.
So far we have not lost one chicken out of 14! Not bad right?
You know this really has been such a great experience, I cannot wait for
the eggs and when they are fully grown.
It is looking like we have 4 maybe 5 roosters, so we will have some good dinners! LOL
I need to find out what they need to be separated and keep the neighbors sane.

OH and some information on the neighbors! LOL
The neighbors are getting chickens!!!!
They came over and chatted with us about it and sure enough,
they want chickens too...maybe we will convert the whole neighborhood!

Here are a couple SVG files, FREE as always.
This first one is made for the Cri-Kit Pens or any Cricut pen.
It is narrow and perfect for drawing.
Just click to download.

This second one is a wide one for cutting :)

What a day so far,
fed the chickens, ran to Hancock Fabrics to set them up for Conkerr,
went to the scrapbook shop to introduce them to HELMAR! (woohoo)
did grocery shopping, and now I am doing a scrap experiment for Helmar!

STAY tuned tomorrow! I will have the experiment up and

See y'all tomorrow! :)
~Have a great day~


BeeLinda said...

So how did they manage to dye the chicks?

Jen said...

Pinky...where can I find the Helmar products????

Pinky said...

You can find a variety of stores on the Helmar blog, I recommend a few personally because I know their customer service and shipping is the best, also their prices beat out the other stores and I am a no BS chick :)
Email me and I will let you know.

Pinky said...

Linda, I don't know they dye them in the egg I guess?

Dawn said...

They are growing so fast,you can see their new feathers growing in.
I so miss having chickens it was so fun to watch them grow.
I am looking forward to your giveaway. I want to try some Helmar products.

Helen said...

Those are so cute! I was showing my kids your chicks the 1st time and so I googled colored chicks. They apparently inject dye into to the eggs. There were so many different colored ones when I did the search.

Thanks for sharing the pics of them!

Tracy said...

So these chicks were born this colour. Never seen this before.

How in the heck did they dye them before they were hatched. Freaky. LOL

Betsy said...

Cool...I was wondering what was happening to the fiska-chicks!!! Winter tried convincing me we needed some when we were at the Farm store....LOL

kmassman said...

Those colored chicks are looking like awkward teenagers! My sister's family has some baby chicks, too, some are darker yellow and some are black--a couple died right away--but i guess that is the way it goes sometimes...thanks for sharing the pics.

Kim. said...

Hi this is my first visit to you I found you through a link on the cri-kits blog where you posted about svg cuts. Your blog is a great inspiration and your deisgns are fabulous.
Kim xXx

Heather said...

Aww look at all that fiskachick cuteness!

Tona said...

Thanks for the chicken update ;)I'm enjoying watching them grow & hearing about them.

Kray said...

These little chickadees are so cute! Now, you need to get a pig. We raise those....well, hubby does.

Elisa K said...

Love those chicks chick... hehe Oh and Helmar is the the bomb... great stuff.

Bobbi said...
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StampinCathy said...

Love the pic! But I really love how you tried the glue out and how amazing this glue is. Thanks for a chance.

Sarah said...

Im a fan!! I wanna try that helmar!!

Ann Arbogast said...

Aww..such sweet chicks. When I was growing up we always had chickens. Loved getting new little chickens, and me and my sister would go out and collect eggs. My brother went with my dad or grandfather to well, the not so nice part. Hated to say goodbye to them.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [20 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria