Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~Funky Fun Card Making Tuesday w/ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection~

Good morning my beautiful crafty friends!
I am so excited because I finally got my hands on some of that
Paris Creativity paper and bling!
I wanted to get the paper and the albums for a long time now,
when they put them up for 50% off, I was so excited!
I decided to break into the packs and make cards first thing.
These are for a couple of my girlfriends who just made a DT!
I wanted to tell them they are superstars! hehehe

So fun and funky fresh!
After seeing the kit in person, I will definitely be
playing some more with the papers and bling!This is another card I made for another friend who made a DT.
She is in her late 20's and this will tickle her pink! :)
I used my Helmar Adhesive Runner for making the cards.
Perfect for a quick permanent stick!

Now remember once again LOL
*DISCLAIMER* I am not a card maker! LOL

Ok on to life on the country road.
I had several Facebook requests to see the chickens,
I don't really know why except to watch them get fat! LOL
They are finally accepting the fact I am the food provider.
They have stopped freaking out when I come out in the morning,
now they just look at me like I am crazy and come running for food.
They LOVE baked potato leftovers!! LOL
The gren and orange chickens are nearly all white now,
and they are BOTH ROOSTERS! LOL
Slowly but surely we are weeding out the roosters and let me tell you
when they said 25% will be roosters, they lied!
I don't know what we are going to do with all these dang roosters!

We also have decided to order 2 hens that lay rare blue eggs.

Oh and a quick story....
Last night hubby drive in and came RUNNING into the house, he
yelled "Brad get out here!" I headed out with Brad and the chickens
were in my sunflower patch!!! LOL
Gage had apparently went into the coop and left the gate open,
so they were having a free for all pecking-fest.

We rounded them back up, thank heavens they always stay close.
It was funny and cute, I wish I had thought to snag my camera.

That's all for me today, I need to work on some dresses,
and a video I am hoping!
Oh and gathering up the BIG BOX of goodies for photographing.
I will give you a little preview of the giveaway...
All this card stock is Core'Dinations! You know how much they rock!

Glue, INK, Paper, Chipboard, TOOLS, and more!!!! I am trying
to figure out how much I can jam pack into a flat rate box!!!

~Have a great day~
~Thanks for stopping by!~


The Average Jay said...

Are you sure your not a card maker???? They are really nice!

StampinCathy said...

Love the Paris Hilton bling bling page and card. The box of goodies are sounding really sweet. What a funny story on the little chickadees.

Vanessa said...

Paris Hilton has scrapbooking supplies out?? I like 'em! Great cards & cute chickens!

Tona said...

You look like a cardmaker to me ;)
Thanks for the chicken update.

Dawn said...

Love the disclaimer...you are so amusing I swear. I think you excel and anything and everything you do sweetie!
Loving the chicken stories

Jocelyn said...

Oh Pinky...I love the cards and what a cute diclaimer!!!!

Oh the chickens are getting big.....you can send the Roosters to me!!! I love Roosters!!!

Wishing you a great day!!! :-)

sandyh50 said...

These are great ! Congrats on almost 500 followers. I love your svg's , thanks so much for sharing!

Divinity said...

LOL ur chickens are looking good -- even the roosters! ;) sounds like ur having fun!
and great cards -- i'm sure ur friends will be tickled pink indeed!!! :)congrats to them! :)

Jingle said...

Your cards came out cute! You should do more of them! They are super fun and totally addicting!

kmassman said...

I think your cards are cute! I think it is quite common for the "promised" hens to turn into roosters (just happens I guess ... ). I really like core'dinations! Your giveaway looks pretty spectacular...

Shannon Marie said...

love the new top image on your blog!!!

moloneyat said...

Lovely cards Pinky - you can't trick us by saying that you're not a cardmaker!!! Cool to see your chickens growing and being naughty like chickens do :)
Extra congrats on Helmars DT contract AND your 500 fans!!!
TracyM #6773
PS - sorry haven't been around, PC troubles, borrowing this one for a minute to check up on you & my Fisk-a-friends
=> hope you have a great day!!!

RosyGlow said...

Pinky, your blog is wonderful. I love the tops and dress you made. And you say you don't do cards? Uh huh. Wonderful work!

Becky said...

what an AWESOME prize pack!!! and I love the cards

Dayna said...

Gorgeous cards, love the bling!!! I can't believe how big the chicks are getting!! I've never heard of blue eggs, how fun is that!??!

Angie said...

cards are really cute. i like your new pic.

Kray said...

We would never know you were a card maker!!! You did a great job. I do have to say that Paris does have a cute line out.

The chickens are getting big.

NanaBeth said...

I'm here and following-love the chickens!

Jenrex4 said...

you can get quite a bit in one of those flat rate boxes. Everything you do is great. Can't wait to see what you reveals for May are. Again I love your creations.

marla said...

Wow Pinky what awesome goodies!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Pinky, I am already a follower. I have been watching your chickens grow with interest. I started some from eggs once with a small incubator in my class. Needless to say, it was fun.

I also enjoy your scrapped pages. Your journalling is just great!

rstuck2003 said...

Love the chicken story! Made me chuckle!! The bling is awesome! Your giveaway looks wonderful!

Janice said...

I am a new follower I was on your blog and I really enjoyed it you have very interesting things on there .

Janice ...doreen_st@hotmail.com


crazed scrapbooker said...

new stalker ooops meant follower # 500 checking in pinky babe! could i share with a scrapbooking virgin in australia if i won ? cos 2010 is my sharing year with anything i win for my girl in aussie & sure u can call her mate as much as u want LOL xxx keep up the great work, u know we all luff ya

Donna said...

Oh how exciting to reach 500!! I love that you have downloads for us cricut crazies out here!! Thanks for sharing all your talent and time Pinky!!!

Bobbi said...

Love the cards, I may have to get me some of that paper.