Sunday, April 4, 2010

~Happy Easter to you and yours...much love...Flourish Pack SVG~

Good morning & Happy Easter my friends.
I had a special email yesterday, I was interviewed a while back
for a blog called ::You Inspire Me:: I wasn't too sure what it was about
but the interview was so fun and I would love for you to check it out!

I am so blessed with this craft to meet extraordinary people.
I have found more compassionate, amazing, charitable people from
scrapbooking/crafting, then I have ever met in my entire life.

You know there are lives that are not pretty,
I grew up in that life, I thought "most" people abused and used
I thought "most" people would hurt you to help themselves at all costs

The world of crafting has changed my mind, and refreshed my soul
all the way. It has given me rose colored glasses so to speak
and this Easter Sunday I am truly blessed.

I have another reveal today :)
This is the same April kit from SFTIO
All about Femininity, loved the soft hues and spring, love mixture.
If you have not been to SFTIO I have an article up called
"Journaling Through The Tears"
And I have a fun flourish pack for you SVG seekers!
Just click the image and the file pops up
And that it is for me this fine Easter Sunday, time to spend the
day with those whom I treasure the most, my children :)
I am hiding eggs as I schedule this blog to pop up.
The boys are excited and I am happy to have a beautiful day with them.

~Happy Easter~
~Thank you for stopping by to share in life, love, and crafting~


Tracy said...

What a beautiful layout.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful LO!!!! Enjoy the day with your wonderful family!!!

sandyh50 said...

I love the colors on the layout, it is great!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Oh, Happy Easter PinkaLicious! I love this layout! It is beautiful! Have a wonderful day. I'll go peek at your interview! xoxo d

Heather said...

Just have to say you are amazing! Have an awesome day with your family!

Tona said...

Happy Easter Pinky!
~Another beautiful layout.

Dawn said...

Wonderful layout as usual sweetie! Just popped in to let you know you have won my giveaway !!!!
Who Hoo!

lavendarrose29 said...

What a beautiful layout. I am so inspired by your journey. While it is not like mine your strength encourages me.

Rbarakat said...

Happy Easter girl! Very pretty lo!