Friday, June 21, 2013

~Losing Mobility And Making It Happen- In PINK!~

Ok a personal story today my friends! :) 

Most of you all know I use a wheelchair 50% of the time
probably closer to 75% now...I mean I can get around but anything
beyond the basic short walk is to unbearable to handle. 
The pain I rarely talk about is sometimes so overwhelming I cannot
face the day or night knowing it just isn't going to end anytime soon. 

We have been wanting an electric wheelchair for a long time now
but just can't afford it. I am blessed enough to have incredible 
boys who don't mind pushing mom around in her regular wheelchair,
so it wasn't a top priority, but I long to be able to be more independent
and free spirited as I was for so long. 

About a month ago a friend who inherited this sweet little ride
offered it up to me for a mere 50.00! I felt bad so I offered 100.00
and took it still feeling guilty.
But the batteries were dead so it was a deal for both of us
I suppose. I mean seriously I have amazing friends!!

After a hunt for batteries and waiting until payday to get them
it runs like a charm minus one electrical hiccup  it has been a godsend.
I still don't have a lift for my truck but the boys hoist it in and out...
as long as I have two of them with me for now I am good. 
BUT we will be hunting a lift soon- waiting for payday of course and
to find one that just snaps into my hitch and is manual.

Anyways yesterday I went into town and rode into Walmart- which
of course I can't go alone but I took my strong boys.
We picked up some paint! :)  

 That's right- pretty PINK Paint to paint the red away! TOO cool right?
I cannot wait for it to set and dry- I feel like a coat of glitter is going to happen
in the very near future!!

You know these last couple years have been hard ones.
While I am incredibly blessed with AMAZING friends and family
it's hard to ignore the loss of mobility and the lack of independence. 
It takes a toll on me mostly mentally, while I have become accustomed to 
daily pain and limited activities, I have not quite adjusted to 
my loss of independence. 
I think I tried to regain some of it with surrounding myself 
with people, but that clearly wasn't me. I found I needed those
close friends I could trust and who honored me as much as I 
honored them. I realized it was more about changing my way 
of thinking and counting my blessings and respecting myself
and my family.
Accepting my disability and gathering those who appreciate
that a person can be broken and a very different idea of amazing. 

I definitely take joy in the little my friends Felicia and Daniel 
who gave me this chair, and my pretty can of PINK paint,
and all the girls who get giddy along side me at the thought of my 
new PINK wheels! 

So this weekend I appreciate my amazing pink blessings
and realize life is a roller coaster but I am so very VERY 
blessed to have my favorite people raising their hands and 
screaming with me all the way until the ride stops!

Have a beautifully PINK day! I will be sharing the end project very soon!


Jen said...

I'm so excited and happy for you Cristal!! :)Yay for pink!! Love you xoxo

Drayia said...

Can't wait to see how you glitz up your new ride Pinky. You are an amazing woman and I wish I live a whole lot near so I could get to know you better and lift you up :D Love you and send prayers that another blessing is coming your way!!